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The DTU Handsome Goalkeeper Reveals the 'secret' to Increasing height

Le Duc Hoang Anh, the goalkeeper of DTU football team, who stands at 1.85 meters tall, reveals the 'secret' to increasing height. 
On February 27th, the DTU football teams and the University of Sports and Physical Education in Da Nang arrived at the Central Cultural and Sports Stadium in Hue City (Thua Thien - Hue) to get acquainted with the field and prepare for the start of the Central region qualifiers of the 2024 Vietnam National Student Football Cup - THACO Cup, which kicks off on February 28th. 
Despite the drizzling weather and the naturally slippery grass field, the students of Coach Nguyen Tuan Vu (DTU football team) eagerly put on their shoes and stepped onto the field for training. 
Overall, this season DTU's team recruited players with fairly uniform appearances, among whom the highlight is the goalkeeper Le Duc Hoang Anh, impressing with his outstanding height. 
Th? thành di?n trai d?i Tru?ng ÐH Duy Tân ti?t l? 'bí quy?t' tang chi?u cao
Even in the rain, Le Duc Hoang Anh remains enthusiastic about training with his teammates. NH?T TH?NH
After more than 30 minutes of physical and technical training in the rain, Hoang Anh still appeared quite enthusiastic and energetic when given the task of starting as the goalkeeper for the first time in the Vietnam National Student Football Cup.
 "Just arriving at the field, I can feel the professionalism and meticulousness of the tournament organization. The natural grass field is very beautiful and flat, making players more confident when playing football," Hoang Anh said. 
Sharing the "secret" to maintaining a firm physique and good fitness, Hoang Anh revealed: "Besides attending classes, listening to music, and reading books, I really enjoy playing football to improve my fitness. Especially, I usually maintain the habit of running and swimming every day to develop my height."
Th? thành di?n trai d?i Tru?ng ÐH Duy Tân ti?t l? 'bí quy?t' tang chi?u cao
Le Duc Hoang Anh possesses an ideal height and handsome appearance. NH?T TH?NH
This young man shared that he used to be very self-conscious about his height when he was young. He once played for the talented team of Da Nang City, but due to lack of height, he had to temporarily pause his professional playing career. 
After maintaining the habit of running and swimming, Hoang Anh's height unexpectedly developed, and now he stands at 1.85 meters tall and weighs 85 kilograms. 
Th? thành di?n trai d?i Tru?ng ÐH Duy Tân ti?t l? 'bí quy?t' tang chi?u cao
This young man aims to lead the entire team to the finals in Ho Chi Minh City. NHAT THINH
When he tried out for the DTU team, Hoang Anh impressed the coaching staff with his ideal physique. 
Coach Nguyen Tuan Vu commented on his student: "This is the second time Hoang Anh has focused on playing with the team in a major student tournament. Although he is a freshman, he has quite ideal physical fitness and height. I hope that in this season, Hoang Anh will play confidently, helping the team concede as few goals as possible to advance to the finals in Ho Chi Minh City."
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