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DTU Student Wins Third Prize at “Game Design & Programming Talent” Contest

On November 24, the work of Nguyen Thi Nhan Hau, a third year DTU student of Graphic Design, was greatly  admired at the ‘Game Design & Programming Talent’ contest, held by the South Korean Embassy and the Korean Cultural Center, in collaboration with the South Korean Game Culture Foundation, at the Vietnam¬-Korea University of Information & Communication Technology in Danang.
Nhan Hau is inspired by cartoons and science fiction movies, and designed an impressive 2D game called Udumbara, using a digital art drawing style, with a variety of harmonious colors and was awarded third prize. This was the first time that the competition had taken place in Vietnam.
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân giành gi?i Ba cu?c thi “Tìm ki?m Tài nang Thi?t k? và L?p trình Game”
Nguyen Thi Nhan Hau
A milestone in pursuit of passion
Adventurous and inquisitive, Nhan Hau loves watching cartoons and science fiction films with rich content and deep messages, which stimulate her creativity and inspire her in her Graphic Design studies. “My biggest source of inspiration is movies,” she explained, “and my submission to the ‘Game Design & Programming Talent’ contest was no exception. I focus on the graphics and special effects which allows me to connect and recreate my memories into a network of images, creating my own stories for my games.”
“Tìm ki?m Tài nang Thi?t k? và L?p trình Game”
Nhan Hau very effectively applied her knowledge of game and graphic design in the creation of her Udumbara game. The color palette she chose was a combination of turquoise, green and yellow, with some pink and orange undertones, using an unconventional digital art drawing, which added realism and vitality in all lighting conditions and allowed her to convey her messages more clearly.
“Designing the characters in Udumbara, I was mentored by Ms. Huynh Thi Thu Mo, my academic advisor and my Games lecturer.” said Hau. “When I heard that I had qualified for the finals, I had only two days to prepare my slideshow and the animation, and then practice my presentation. Ms. Thu Mo motivated me to perform my best in the finals, despite the tight timeframe. My dream is to become a professional designer and this award represents an important milestone on my journey to achieve my goals. It also confirms my original objectives were on target and inspires me to work even harder to progress.”
She follows the field she loves most for a full and passionate life
When still in junior high, Nhan Hau discovered her passion for painting, graphics, and crafts and later, she started exploring software applications, such as Photoshop and After Effects. In senior high, her objectives steadily grew clearer, and she began some detailed research, determined to study Graphic Design and make a living through her passion.
“After I decided to pursue my dream at DTU, I had a discussion with my family and fortunately they trusted in my choice,” Hau recounts. “My parents also encouraged me and cheered me on, so I now hope that I can live my life to the fullest doing something that I love. They will always look after and support me however, which also motivates me to strive even harder.”
According to the meaning of the name her parents gave her, Hau is a firm believer in the power of life and her ability to overcome difficulties. Her motto is: “Because you are alive, everything is possible,” Nhan Hau has demonstrated her optimism, determination and patience, and believes that, despite all failures, falls or pains she encounters, she merely needs to keep the faith and keep on trying, and always prepared to start all over again to finally succeed. She treasures every experience, challenge, and opportunity that life brings her, and is not afraid to accept a chance to explore new experiences.
On her journey of learning and personal development, Hau is inspired by the works of Khanh Vy, Helly Tong, and Sunhuyn, who have great social influence and motivate young people to approach study and work with a positive attitude. With determination, Nhan Hau hopes to achieve personal success, contribute to the development of the community and bring joy to those around her.
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