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DTU Students Win Second and Third Prizes in the 2023 MoET Student Scientific Research Competition

Vo Van Hoa from the DTU Faculty of Pharmacy successfully researched and manufactured Baeckea frutescens, which are essential oil microcapsules, used to control the mosquito larvae that transmit dengue fever. The research was highly regarded by the judges and, on November 10, Hoa was awarded a second prize in the Ministry of  Education & Training (MoET) Student Scientific Research Competition, held at the University of Technology & Education at the University of Danang. Other DTU projects won one third prize and two consolation prizes.
Vo Van Hoa (second from left) receives second prize
The Science & Technology Awards for Scientific Research by Students at Educational Institutions (also known as the MoET Student Scientific Research Competition) is organized by MoET, together with the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, and the Vietnam Union of Science & Technology Associations. It is a prestigious nationwide event where students can present their research findings and apply them to solving everyday problems. In 2023, 481 projects were submitted from 45 higher education institutions across the country, in six different fields. After review and evaluation, 85 of them were selected for the finals, including:
- 9 in Natural Sciences
- 17 in Engineering & Technology
- 5 in Agricultural Science
- 43 in Social Sciences
- 4 in Humanities
- 7 in Medicine & Pharmacy
Vo Van Hoa’s project, in the Medicine & Pharmacy category, was entitled: ‘Research on encapsulation of the Baeckea frutescens L. essential oil by Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells for preventing mosquito larvae to transmit dengue fever.’ Hoa made use of naturally available materials, such as B. frutescens plants, picked in Quang Tri and Danang, then used methods like steam distillation to extract essential oils, and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to analyze the chemical composition of the essential oils. The yeast cells were extracted from commercial baker’s yeast and industrial brewer’s yeast waste, to create probiotic yeast (S. cerevisiae), microencapsulating the B. frutescens essential oil. The oil is safe for consumer use, environmentally friendly and can be produced commercially to disable the larvae, and prolong retention.
Vo Van Hoa’s research project is conducted in the DTU Center for Advanced Chemistry
The probiotic yeast microencapsulating B. frutescens essential oil has already proved effective in the natural breeding grounds of mosquitoes, for example in sewers and water containers at the DTU Hoang Minh Thao campus. The results have been sent to the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam with an application for a patent. The findings are innovative and unique and will be published in international scientific journals on acceptance by the Intellectual Property Office.
“I worked on my project for two years,” said Vo Van Hoa. “The first year I focused on collecting B. frutescens samples in Quang Tri and Danang in different seasons, and the second year I did the research, extracted the essential oils, and created the microcapsules. In authoring my thesis, I received much encouragement and support from my advisor, Dr. Nguyen Huy Hung and from MSc Nguyen Thi Thu, a research support lecturer. My project went very smoothly, thanks to the modern laboratory equipment at the Center for Advanced Chemistry, including freeze-dryers, UV machines, centrifuges, ultrasounds, vortex mixers, and vacuum drying ovens. This allowed me to successfully prepare the necessary probiotics for use during dengue fever epidemics. My prize is  very important to me and will motivate me to continue studying and researching even stronger solutions to various everyday social problems.”
In the preliminary round, the organizers awarded DTU third and consolation prizes in Medicine & Pharmacy. 
The project ‘Serum microRNA,’ by Tran Ngoc Thanh Doan, a General Practitioner student, develops potential non-invasive biomarkers for liver cancer, and a consolation prize went to Tran Gia Bao, an Odonto-Stomatology student, for ‘Creating wound suturing models in surgical practice.’ In Social Sciences, DTU also won a consolation prize for ‘Factors affecting student personal financial management skills’,” by Tran Thi Mai Ly, a Business Administration student.
These achievements in the 2023 MoET Student Scientific Research Competition testify to the dedication and creativity of the DTU students, the high quality of education at the university and the school’s commitment to facilitating student research and encouraging personal development in this area.
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