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Laotian DTU Students Win Third Prize in Vietnamese Speaking Contest

On November 3, at the Danang University of Foreign Languages, two Laotian students from DTU, Xayavong Khamphay and Manyvong Xaysit, won third prize in the 2023 Central Vietnam preliminary round of the Vietnamese Speaking Contest for Foreign Students. They confidently delivered an eloquent, fluent speech, praising the traditions and the beauty of Vietnam and its people. 
Xayavong Khamphay (in yellow dress) and Manyvong Xaysit (in white shirt)
The contest was organized by the Ministry of Education & Training to promote a learning emulation movement to improve the education of foreign students and strengthen friendships and cultural exchanges between Vietnam and other countries. The competition was held in three locations, in the North, Center, and South of Vietnam. In Central Vietnam, sixteen teams competed, from training facilities in nineteen provinces and cities, reaching from Thanh Hoa to Binh Thuan. The theme was “Vietnam in Me,” and covered topics on:
- Praise of Vietnamese traditions, culture and history
- Feelings about the Vietnamese
- Feelings for Vietnamese nature and landscapes
- Experience studying Vietnamese and memories of life in Vietnam
- Stories about friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and the foreign students’ countries
DTU lecturers and students at the contest
The two talented Laotian Management Accounting and Business Administration students impressed the audience when they spoke of how the Vietnamese traditionally have fought off a long series of invasions, to preserve the independence and freedom of their fatherland. In doing so, they praised the patriotism, solidarity, intelligence, cunning, and bravery of the Vietnamese people. Xayavong Khamphay and Manyvong Xaysit also spoke of the beauty and historical value of Hue Imperial City, Hoi An ancient town and the My Son Holy Land, and created a wonderful picture of the culture and history of Central Vietnam.
“In preparation for the competition, our biggest difficulty was acquiring and remembering much new and difficult vocabulary,” says Xayavong Khamphay, as she shared her happiness at her achievement. “Furthermore, we weren’t too confident when we first presented to the general public but, thanks to the encouragement and support of our lecturers and friends at DTU, we did our best.
I’ve been learning Vietnamese for eight years now but am still not really confident speaking the language, so I never thought that I’d ever participate in a Vietnamese language competition. Our prize really means a lot to me, makes me love the Vietnamese language even more and motivates me to improve my level. I find that living and studying in Vietnam makes me realize how warm and friendly the Vietnamese people really are, so I’ve been thinking of looking a job here on graduation to maintain my ties to the country for longer.”
In doing so, Xayavong Khamphay and Manyvong Xaysit will contribute with other foreign students here to strengthen the friendly relationship between Vietnam and Laos in the future and expand the special cultural values of both countries.
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