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DTU Partners in Cybersecurity Training with Japanese Companies

On August 27, DTU signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese Suganuma and Fore companies, to implement more advanced education programs in Cybersecurity in Vietnam.
ÐH Duy Tân h?p tác v?i Doanh nghi?p Nh?t B?n dào t?o An toàn An ninh m?ng
The signing ceremony
DTU labs give students access to latest cybersecurity technology
As an integral part of the agreement, the Suganuma company will award scholarships to  the most academically qualified DTU students, and Fore will establish a laboratory at DTU, with the latest Cybersecurity equipment and technology. Students will be able to study, research and practice in a real-world setting, with expert Fore teachers providing support.
 “During the rapid implementation of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and global integration, the development and enhancement of educational programs in Cybersecurity is vital,” emphasized Fore CEO, Mr. Tanaka Yuto. “Cybersecurity expertise is key to the speed and quality of economic development worldwide and the need for a young and specialized workforce has become crucial, particularly in Vietnam.”
“At Fore, we focus on Cybersecurity and recognize the development potential here, particularly in Danang. I was fortunate to have benefited from early access to new cybersecurity technologies and projects in Japan and many other countries. Together with DTU, we are planning to improve student education in this field and, at the same time, contribute to the further development of IT and Cybersecurity in Danang and elsewhere in Vietnam.”
ÐH Duy Tân h?p tác v?i Doanh nghi?p Nh?t B?n dào t?o An toàn An ninh m?ng
Fore CEO Mr. Tanaka Yuto addresses the ceremony
Cybersecurity Talent Incubator offers training and pay levels of experts
DTU, Suganuma and Fore will launch the “Cybersecurity Talent Incubator” project, also known as Project Blue Rock, aimed at graduating network security experts. 
40 sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân du?c tr? $400-$800/tháng qua h?p tác v?i Fore
“It’s very difficult for private universities to obtain support and funding from businesses, let alone from large foreign ones,” said DTU Provost Dr. Le Nguyen Bao. “However, DTU receives support from several large international companies, such as Microsoft and Samsung, and now also Suganuma and Fore. This demonstrates the trust that they have in the high quality of IT education at DTU and gives them the confidence to invest in and work with the university to train an expert workforce.
“DTU IT lecturers and students are proud of their impressive academic achievements so far, including Cybersecurity education. In particular, DTU has always scored high in the CTF Time rankings with high positions, and students have brought home many valuable prizes from both domestic and international Cybersecurity competitions. 
“During times of increasingly changing digital threats, our cooperation with Suganuma and Fore to implement these programs proves our commitment to teaching the necessary knowledge and practical skills to face the challenges of globalization and digital transformation, at the same time contributing to the protection of a safe and healthy digital environment. This will give graduates the confidence to adapt to their real-life workplaces and succeed in their future jobs.”
ÐH Duy Tân h?p tác v?i Doanh nghi?p Nh?t B?n dào t?o An toàn An ninh m?ng
Information Security and Cybersecurity students launch the first Project Blue Rock
On August 16, DTU finished in second place at the APCERT International Drill and, on August 18, won both first and second prizes at the science and technology “2023 Innovation Tech Challenge” contest.
Forty Information Security and Cybersecurity senior students receive $400 to $800 per month for six months.
Forty leading Information Security and Cybersecurity 3rd and 4th year DTU International School and School of Computer Science students were selected to enroll in the first Project Blue Rock course, which provided:
- An initial knowledge check
- Basic improvement training
- In-depth training on network attack and defense skills
- Mentoring for international CTF contests to be held within the next six months
- Ongoing participation in one-year practical projects provided by Fore
Participants will expand their skills and networking contacts, leading to the best Cybersecurity careers on graduation, and receive $400 to $800 per month for six months. Then, depending on their performance, Fore will pay them as qualified professionals. They will receive Fore JSC certificates and the opportunity to work in Japanese technology companies, or in related international Information Security enterprises.
Nguyen Quang Minh, a Cybersecurity student at the DTU International School, was selected for the first course, and expressed his happiness. “This is an excellent chance for students like myself because it enables us to learn more and also participate in practical projects. We promise to work our hardest to increase our personal value and meet the expectations that the university and their partner companies have placed upon us. We will be able to find the ideal career opportunities in the future and make positive contributions to the development of Cybersecurity and IT in  general.”
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