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An Agreement with the Japan Materials Engineering Service Company

On April 27, the Japan Materials Engineering Service company, the DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the DTU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering signed a joint agreement. Attendees included Mr. Tanaka Kosuke, Director of Japan Materials Engineering; Dr. Vu Duong, Vice-Rector of the DTU School of Engineering & Technology; DTU lecturers and students. 
Ký k?t MOU v?i Công ty Japan Material Engineer Service, Nh?t B?n
The signing
DTU and Japan Materials Engineering exchanged information about their histories, training programs and specialties and Dr. Vu Duong said: “Recently, DTU has collaborated with several Japanese companies to facilitate internship and career opportunities for students majoring in various disciplines who plan to intern and or work in Japan.”
Ký k?t MOU v?i Công ty Japan Material Engineer Service, Nh?t B?n
The joint agreement included:
- Arranging regular seminars and conferences
- Conducting research 
- Nominating qualified students to work at Japan Materials Engineering 
- Interviewing and recruiting eligible DTU graduates
- Supporting students during their internships and work in Japan
The agreement designates the initiation of a strong relationship between the partners and the potential of broadening student opportunities significantly.
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