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DTU Signs MOUs with the Suganuma Group and the Healthcare Accelerator Company

On Feb 23rd, DTU signed a Sakura Training MOU with the Suganuma Group and Healthcare Accelerator. Attendees included Mr. Suganuma Kurato, Director of Suganuma; Mr. Ohta Yuki, Director of Healthcare Accelerator; Dr. Nguyen Huu Phu, DTU Vice-Provost; DTU lecturers and students of the DTU College of Medicine and Pharmacy.
Ký k?t Biên b?n Ghi nh? H?p tác v? Chuong trình Ðào t?o Sakura
The signing 
DTU, the Suganuma Group and Healthcare Accelerator will jointly teach courses in advanced nursing to  Medicine and Pharmacy students, to prepare them for their future careers, at home and internationally. They will be taught by experts and nurses from Japan in the specialized theoretical and practical healthcare and rehabilitation skills necessary to work in Japan.
Ký k?t Biên b?n Ghi nh? H?p tác v? Chuong trình Ðào t?o Sakura
Mr. Suganuma Kurato 
Participants of the Sakura Training program include students of the Japanese Nursing Internship program, provided by Healthcare Accelerator and senior DTU Medicine and Pharmacy students who plan to study and work in Japan. 
Director Suganuma Kurato said; “Recently, we have welcomed several DTU nursing students to Japan to study, work and refine their skills at medical facilities. As they get used to life in Japan, they are complimented by patients and employers alike for their dedication, self-discipline and hard work. Our partnerships will expand study and career opportunities for them even further."
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