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An Agreement with the Mother Brain Company on Technical Internship Programs

On October 17, DTU signed an agreement with the Mother Brain Company to provide Technical internships in Japan. Mr. Ikeda Hirofumi, Chairman of the Board; Mr. Le Hong Phong, Director of Mother Brain Company (Vietnam); Mr. Horie Shigemi, Director of the Proster Company; Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, DTU lecturers and students attended.
Mr. Ikeda Hirofumi addresses the meeting
Mother Brain was founded in August 2017 and specializes in providing study and job opportunities in Japan for Vietnamese staff, with the slogan: "High Quality Makes Good Branding". The company is committed to increasing employee salaries and improving the quality of life for qualified candidates. 
Mr. Hirofumi, Chairman of the Board of  Mother Brain Company, said: “Annually, Mother Brain brings four hundred internees and engineers to Japan, totaling two thousand since 2017. We mainly service the food processing, hospitality and tourism, automobile manufacturing, and nursing sectors. We receive recruitment requirements from Japanese companies and then go to Vietnam in person to select candidates and train them according to our partners’ needs.
Our company will strive to function as a bridge for young Vietnamese, especially DTU students, with opportunities to develop their careers. Your Provost and lecturers look forward to your return to Vietnam when you will be able to share the knowledge and experience you acquired in Japan, in order to contribute personally to the future economic, scientific and technologic progress of Vietnam.”
The signing
Accordingly, DTU and Mother Brain will jointly: 
- Provide Japanese internships for students after 3 years of study at DTU. Those who gain N4 certificates in the Japanese language are eligible for one-year of work from their arrival date in Japan. 
- Provide students participating in the program with free visa and transportation services, subsidized tuition and dormitory fees during their internships and 70 thousand yen per month for living expenses. Interns will receive three-monthly tuition credits if their evaluations meet continuing requirements. 
- Provide technical internships for second-year students for three years in Japan, with the opportunity to earn from 500 to 800 million vnd with large Japanese companies in Vietnam on return.
- Provide a technical program for graduates in Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Travel Services and Civil Engineering. 
On behalf of Proster Company, one of the Japanese companies who has successfully found employment for Vietnamese workers, Mr. Shigemi said: “In partnership with Mother Brain, we invite Vietnamese internees and engineers to the Proster company. We then send them to work at companies who warmly welcome them because they know that the Vietnamese are hardworking and skillful. We hope to be able to help everyone to find an excellent jobs and future careers, especially DTU students.”
The DTU’s Vietnamese-Japanese program was established in 2019, to enable students to participate in student exchange programs, internships, technical internships and study abroad programs in Japan. 
Now, with an extensive network of partners in Japan, the Vietnam-Japan program will allow students to turn their dreams into reality. DTU graduates will be given priority to work in Japan and then return to Vietnam, with high income and promotion opportunities. 
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