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2022 Career Week at DTU

June 22nd, the DTU International School and the DTU Schools of Technology and of Computer Science held the 2022 Career Week, which marked the 15th DTU Job Fair, at the DTU Hoa Khanh Nam campus. The Job Fair is one of DTU’s traditional annual events held in June in order to connect students and companies.
Khai m?c “Tu?n l? Vi?c làm DTU 2022”
The opening
Over the past 15 years, the DTU Job Fair has attracted 850 recruiters from Danang and elsewhere, hiring for 22,000 positions and receiving 23,500 student applications.Through the annual Job Fair, DTU provides local employers with 3,000 to 5,000 job applications. 
Khai m?c “Tu?n l? Vi?c làm DTU 2022”
DTU gave medals to the Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper 
Forty-six enterprises in various fields attended the 15th Job Fair, including KMS Co., Ltd., FPT Software, Axon Active Co., Ltd., Hang Tin VN Co., Ltd. , Cuu Long - Quang Nam TV and PT Joint Stock Company, Worldtech Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Nui Thanh Garden Co., Ltd., Vietconstruction Construction Company, Future Star Entertainment Company, etc. The university presented medals to 28 local companies with long-lasting relationships with DTU.
Since 2006, DTU and the Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper have organized a Job Fair.  The 2022 Job Fair Organizing Committee gave medals and flowers to Mr. Dang Hoang Dung, Chief Representative of the Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper Office in Da Nang and Journalist Tran Han, former reporter of the Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper. 
Khai m?c “Tu?n l? Vi?c làm DTU 2022”
DTU signed agreements with businesses  
As part of the ceremony, DTU signed agreements with BAP Software Production Company Limited, Indochina Telecom Mobile Joint Stock Company and Vinabook Company Limited. 
Besides recruitment activities, businesses also organized minigames, talk shows, and seminars to help students gain more skills and practical knowledge with a variety of topics such as:
- How to make youself a "valuable” programmer (by Nal Solutions),
- Soft skills training for students when applying for jobs (by Codegym),
- Job opportunities in the field of ERP and interview tips for IT students (by Abeam Consulting),
- How to become a professional programmer (by TNHH SmartDev),
- Designing Software Projects in the Healthcare Sector (by Open Web Technology),
- Smart your Career with Axon Active Vietnam (by Axon Active Vietnam)  
Khai m?c “Tu?n l? Vi?c làm DTU 2022”
Khai m?c “Tu?n l? Vi?c làm DTU 2022”
Khai m?c “Tu?n l? Vi?c làm DTU 2022”
Khai m?c “Tu?n l? Vi?c làm DTU 2022”
The DTU Job Fair attracts job hunters
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