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An Agreement with the Luvina Software Company

On October 8th, DTU signed an agreement with the Luvina Software Company. Mr. Khuc Manh Thao, Chief representative of Luvina Software Danang; Dr. Nguyen Huu Phu, DTU Vice-Provost; Professor Lim Sang Taek, DTU Vice-Provost and Dean of the DTU Schools; DTU lecturers, staff and students attended. 
Chief Representative Khuc Manh Thao addresses the meeting
Mr. Thao said: “Today’s ceremony aims to improve the bilateral relationship between the university and business. Luvina Software has specialized in the design, development, maintenance and operation of IT products for specialized, high-quality Japanese markets over the past 18 years. We believe that we can support DTU in training and staff recruitment. We will work together to formulate new, joint, long-term strategic plans.”
DTU and Luvina Software will work together to enhance the strengths of both partners. Luvina Software will:
- Collaborate with the CMU Faculty in student training, research and other corporate activities
- Send staff to participate in collaborative activities according to specific requirements
- Grant scholarships to students who successfully complete training courses
- Promote company videos and other post recruitment information
The signing
The CMU Faculty will ensure that Luvina Software is able participate fully in faculty activities, including lecturer and student exchange programs, and the faculty will introduce the most suitable students to Luvina.
At the event, Luvina Software and DTU alumni employees talked about technology trends, such as: Which programming language is the most popular these days? What skills does an IT engineer need, internship allowances and so on.
Nguyen Nhat Huy, a K28 student in CMU Software Engineering, said: “Today's event was especially useful for first-year students like myself. Being aware of the latest software trends and company requirements helps me to know my needs for my future career and assists me in preparing an appropriate study plan to find the most suitable job on graduation.”
The Luvina Software Company head office is located in Hanoi, with branches in Danang and Kanagawa in Japan. 
Since its foundation until now, Luvina has trained and supported Vietnamese engineers onsite in client companies in Japan. Over 18 years of customer-concentric development, Luvina has constantly improved the quality and productivity of software services to become a leading brand in Vietnam and is ranked in the top 10 Vietnamese IT companies in software export.
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