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“Minimalism in Dentium” Conference to Promote the Odonto-Stomatology Industry

On June 23, DTU, the Hanoi Central Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology, and the Dentium Company from Korea jointly held a “Minimalism at Dentium” conference at the Novotel Hotel in Danang. Two hundred attendees participated in a forum for doctors and other professionals to share their latest knowledge, research projects and experience, The objective was to promote the development of the Odonto-Stomatology industry in Vietnam, especially supplying the latest dental equipment, techniques and training courses at healthcare centers and medical universities. 
H?i th?o
Professor Tran Huu Dang and Professor Tran Cao Binh
Professor Tran Huu Dang, Rector of the DTU College of Medicine and Pharmacy, said: “Today’s conference marks the initial step in the signing of an MOU between DTU and the Dentium company with the active involvement of the Hanoi Central Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology, a leading hospital in the field, to foster sustainable development in the dental industry.
Thanks to advancements in science, technology, and society, our living conditions have significantly improved. Consequently, our needs have increased, particularly in healthcare. Previously, patients were content with receiving effective treatment in a short time. However, nowadays, in addition to the treatment outcomes, they are also looking for aesthetics and high-quality healthcare services. 
Doctors in the Odonto-Stomatology industry, in general, and Dental Implants in particular, are now recognized as competent professionals who guarantee satisfactory service, effective and rapid treatment time, at high aesthetic standards. This necessitates continuous skills improvement, the optimization of the latest support tools, and techniques and adaptation to the most advanced equipment. 
I would like to express my thanks to the domestic and international doctors and professionals who attended today’s event, especially the conference presenters, including Dr. Pokpong Amornvit; Dr. Ongart Puttipisitchet; Dr.Ha Kien Onn; Dr. Keisuke Wada; Dr. Tran Hung Lam; and Dr. Chung Sung Min, Founder and Chairman of the Dentium Company.”
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Dr. MD. Chung Sung Min talks about “Minimalism at Dentium”
One of the most discussed topics during the conference was Minimalism in Dentistry. The principle of minimalism means simplifying dental care and treatment procedures to achieve faster and more effective results. Additionally, minimalism helps reduce expenses and creates a more pleasant experience for patients. Dr. Min shared useful information on how dentists can apply the principle of minimalism in their treatment and patient care to enhance treatment effectiveness, using Dentium’s products and services. Dr. Min presented a simple example of minimally invasive sinus lift surgery with details on the treatment of maxillary sinus, simple sinus elevation, using a short implant, and the handling of associated complications of sinus membrane perforation. 
Dr. Min added: “Dentium has factories located in Europe, China, Korea, and Vietnam. Our factory in Vietnam is one of the largest, and we chose to locate it in Danang because of the city’s dynamic and progressive environment, aligned with our development plans. We continuously support academic activities aimed at minimizing work for dentists, by achieving maximum efficiency through simplified methods. I hope that my presentation will inspire doctors to explore the latest technology and utilize the most advanced equipment for clinical treatment and research.”    
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Vietnamese and international conference presenters
Several topics concerning sinus elevation, implants, and the facial-driven design concept were also presented. Dr. Wada discussed sinus elevation for implant dentistry, including diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical techniques, and the management of complications. Dr. Lam also presented information about sinus elevation, focusing on the revision of current techniques and materials. Dr. Puttipisitchet discussed the prevention and management of abutment screw loosening and fracture, and Dr. Amornvit introduced the facial-driven design with Dentium implants. 
Associate Professor Binh, Director of the Hanoi Central Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology and Chairman of the Vietnam Odonto-Stomatology Association, said: “Dentium is a prominent company in the dental field, standing out amongst others. Dentium embraces the principle of minimalism, which aligns with current trends. Minimalism with maximum benefits and efficiency in dental treatment is the criteria we strive for. Recognizing the importance of innovation in the approach and treatment of Odonto-Stomatology, the Hanoi Central Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology, DTU, and the Dentium company organized this conference. We highly value the academic and clinical expertise of our conference presenters today, and hope that the principle of minimal invasiveness will be further implemented in dental clinical practice, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of healthcare for the community in the near future.” 
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