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Launch of Samsung’s 2023 “Solve For Tomorrow” Contest at DTU

On May 24, Samsung’s 2023 “Solve For Tomorrow” contest was held at DTU. The contest officially returned to Vietnam for the fifth time, this year with increased prizes totaling 8 billion VND, the highest ever.
Junior and senior high school students aged 12 to 18, under the guidance of their teachers, are eligible to compete in the contest, which encourages them to actively conduct research projects and apply the STEM knowledge they have acquired, by solving local problems. As of 2022, the program comprised 722 Vietnamese schools and 165,000 teachers and students.
The contest enables students to apply their scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical knowledge and focuses on improving their ability to use technology and create new solutions to pressing social issues. Samsung will allow universal access to the STEM system, with the ability to stimulate events that will motivate the technology talent which is essential for future development of our country. 
Lê~ Pha´t dô?ng Cuô?c thi “Solve For Tomorrow” - Ki?n t?o Tuong lai 2023 cu?a Samsung t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Junior and senior Danang high school students at the launch
“Today, I’m delighted to welcome you, our valued guests, to this media event to introduce the “Solve For Tomorrow” contest, an example of Samsung’s  corporate social responsibility programs,” said Mr. Kim Yong-sup, Deputy General-Director of External Relations & Communications at the Samsung Complex in Vietnam. This is especially more meaningful as Danang is rapidly becoming an international tourist destination.
Samsung has a vision of contributing socially to the progress of the next generation and we are implementing many new programs to assist young people to create and own a better world. The “Solve For Tomorrow” contest encourages them to cherish their dreams of a brighter future, come up with ideas and practice their problem-solving skills. It is possible that many of the issues we are confronting today, such as sustainable development, a safe society and respect for diversity, can now take hold in young people’s creative minds, and provoke  innovative thinking and innovative problem-solving capabilities. 
What could be more rewarding than the launch of the Central Vietnam contest at DTU, the most prestigious private institution in Central Vietnam? I’d like to thank all our valued guests who, despite being busy at work, were still able to attend today, I wish you good health, happiness and success!”
Lê~ Pha´t dô?ng Cuô?c thi “Solve For Tomorrow” - Ki?n t?o Tuong lai 2023 cu?a Samsung t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Mr. Kim Yong-sup
The roadshow was held to launch this year’s competition in Danang, and to introduce Samsung’s partnership with Danang and others to promote the STEM program to students and teachers in Central Vietnam.
Lê~ Pha´t dô?ng Cuô?c thi “Solve For Tomorrow” - Ki?n t?o Tuong lai 2023 cu?a Samsung t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Team Blue Dreams, win 2022 first prize in the “Solve For Tomorrow” contest in group A
The 2023 “Solve For Tomorrow” contest in Vietnam will run from April 12  to November 11, 2023, and is divided into two groups: Group A for junior high school students and group B for senior high school students. In the three rounds of the contest, students must apply their STEM and design knowledge to research and develop creative solutions to current social problems. The top forty teams will be mentored by experts from Samsung and attend a special skills workshop that is part of the program.
This year, Samsung increased total prize money to 8 billion VND, covering several categories. In addition, in order to further improve the quality of STEM education in Vietnam, Samsung will finance a special STEM Lab classroom worth 1 billion VND for the winning team.
Danang Education & Training Department Director, Ms. Le Thi Bich Thuan said: “Continual development during the 4.0 technology revolution have led to an explosion in job demand in the IT sector, providing qualified young people with an interest in technology with many exciting new career opportunities. Their added experience at these IT competitions gives students a solid foundation on which to build their ambitions and enable them to choose some of the best jobs on graduation.”
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