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The Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam Visits DTU

On June 17, the Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Denny Abdi, met with Dr. Tran Nhat Tan, DTU Vice- Provost; and Deans of the DTU School of Engineering & Technology and Computer Science. Their objective was to explore future potential collaborations, focusing on key topics, including the strengthening of ties between DTU and leading universities in Indonesia.
Mr. Denny Abdi
Dr. Tran Nhat Tan said: “DTU is the first and largest private university in the Central region of Vietnam, with 30,000 students and 1,300 faculty. Recently, we have expanded our partnerships with several major universities worldwide to improve the quality of education at DTU. Meanwhile, we have just signed an agreement with Samsung Electronics Vietnam to deploy the Samsung Innovation Campus Project. The project is a global ICT education program to improve the employment qualifications of students by broadening their practical knowledge of technology applications. In addition, we plan to expand our partnership with Samsung into other areas, such as semi-conductor. We are delighted to share our experiences with you today and trust that the Indonesian Embassy will enable us to network with universities in Indonesia, to cooperate in research and student exchanges and other activities.”
Dr. Tran Nhat Tan presents a souvenir to Ambassador Denny Abdi
Ambassador Denny Abdi expressed his appreciation of DTU’s achievements and commented on Indonesia's remarkable achievements in education, especially in increasing student quality and promoting cooperation with other ASEAN universities. He also took his interest in boosting cooperation between Indonesia and Vietnam, especially in innovative research projects.
Ambassador Denny Abdi said: “I was happy to receive an invitation from Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, to visit your university and am greatly impressed by the new Samsung Innovation Campus project. I joined the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1997 and have worked in Australia, the USA, Switzerland and now Vietnam. Working with organizations in developed countries has broadened my horizons and I have found the answer to the question: 'Why are countries like the US and Switzerland wealthy, while many others are poor?'. The answer is because research and innovation are key to development, creating competition between countries. Vietnam is ranked 48 in terms of innovation, much higher than Indonesia, at 75. Collaboration in innovative research and technology transfer with industry is the driving force in the development of a country. You are fortunate to have connected with Samsung, which motivated our delegation to visit you this morning.”
Ambassador Denny Abdi viewed and admired the Samsung Innovation Campus project facilities at DTU and the efforts expended in improving the quality of education at the university.
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