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Academic Exchange with ChiangRai Rajabhat University

An academic exchange with PhD students from ChiangRai Rajabhat University in Thailand was held at DTU on January 13, when PhD students, staff and lecturers from the two universities met and exchanged information on conducting  research projects.  
Giao luu H?c thu?t c?a Nghiên c?u sinh Ð?i h?c Duy Tân và Ð?i h?c ChiangRai Rajabhat
Professor Vikrom Boonnun of ChiangRai Rajabhat University  
Professor Boonnun of ChiangRai Rajabhat University said: “Today’s visit enables us to share academic information with each other, learn more about the culture and customs of Vietnam and obtain a clearer understanding of the training, teaching practices  and programs offered at DTU.” 
Firstly, DTU representatives gave a brief introduction about the facilities, enrollment, undergraduate and graduate academic programs, research activities, cultural and academic exchange programs, and the outstanding achievements that DTU lecturers and students have accomplished over the years.
Giao luu H?c thu?t c?a Nghiên c?u sinh Ð?i h?c Duy Tân và Ð?i h?c ChiangRai Rajabhat
Meeting attendees 
Then DTU discussed their experiences preparing international research papers, their research methods, student exchange programs, admission schedules, course durations, policies for overseas students and student incentives. After that, the ChiangRai Rajabhat University representatives visited several other DTU campuses to learn more about academic, sports and extra-curricular activities. 
Recently, DTU has participated in several other cultural and academic exchange activities and internships with member universities of the P2A organization (Passage to Asean), in order to broaden student understanding of international cultures and education methods.
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