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Clinical Practice and Ethics in Training Course on Biomedical Research

On January 12th, the DTU Medical School held a training course for DTU lecturers and researchers on “Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Ethics in Biomedical Research”.  Attendees included Dr. Hoang Ha, Vice-Rector of the DTU Medical and Pharmacy School; Dr. Dinh Dao, Head of the Administration office; lecturers and staff from the faculties of Pharmacy, Odonto-Stomatology, Nursing, the Center for Preclinical Simulation, the Science and Technology Department and the Hanoi Institute of Global Health Initiatives.
T?p hu?n v? Th?c hành Nghiên c?u Lâm sàng t?t và Ð?o d?c trong Nghiên c?u Y sinh h?c
Dr. Hoang Ha said: “With a knowledge of Good Clinical Practice and Ethics in Biomedical Research, researchers will be able to understand their responsibilities, roles, tasks, legal issues and the basics of operations, evaluations and dossier management. This course will clarify to our staff and lecturers the rules of professional ethics, in order for them to implement their research more effectively.”
T?p hu?n v? Th?c hành Nghiên c?u Lâm sàng t?t và Ð?o d?c trong Nghiên c?u Y sinh h?c
Dr. Hoang Ha
A presentation by Dr. Dinh Dao highlighted the golden rule in clinical research: The data recorded on the data collection form (CRF) must be consistent with the source documents. Any differences must be fully explained, consistent with the ALCOA guidelines + C (A - Attributable, L - Legible,; C - Contemporaneous; O - Original, original or copied; A - Accurate; C - Complete). 
Additionally, Dr. Dinh Dao detailed the vital information that Dr. Hoang Ha had previously mentioned in his introductory remarks. Several examples of real time situations were given to help the participants fully understand and contemplate their research projects, based on the GCP principles and integrate them into their future work.
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