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DTU Graduates of Automotive Engineering Technology and other Engineering Programs are now Guaranteed Immediate Employment

DTU now offers an Automotive Engineering Technology major, which is extremely popular, in addition to Technology and Engineering majors, such as Electricity, Electronics, Construction, Architecture and the  Environment. 
Ðào t?o công ngh? k? thu?t ô tô cùng các ngành k? thu?t d?m b?o vi?c làm t?i ÐH Duy Tân
Female students are also interested in Automobile Engineering majors
The Automotive Engineering Technology major, specializing in machinery systems
The Vietnamese automotive industry is growing rapidly, including the manufacturing companies and increasing demand. Automotive Engineering Technology and related majors offer remunerative career opportunities and have become the first choice for creative young students with an interest in technology and automobiles.  
One of the attractions is that students learn how to drive new electric and gas-powered cars in four special labs equipped with the latest engine equipment, including renewable energy vehicles from Korea, Germany and Japan. Automobile manufacturers worldwide are racing to produce environment-friendly cars and DTU has built a special Technology & Automotive laboratory, where students can learn all about electric and hybrid vehicles.
Equipment includes chassis systems, engine control systems, electrical and air conditioning systems, car diagnostic systems, maintenance equipment and several different types of car engines.
With well-planned programs incorporating theory and skills, Automotive Engineering Technology, Automotive Electro Mechanics and PNU-standard Mechatronics graduates can find jobs at big automobile factories, such as THACO Auto, VinFast, and in car showrooms.     
Dependable majors at one of the top 300 universities internationally, and ABET Accredited 
Currently, the DTU School of Engineering and Technology (SET) offers several majors, including:
- Electrical Engineering, with minors in Electrical Automation, Telecommunications and PNU-standard Electrical Engineering 
- Automotive Engineering Technology, with minors in Automotive Engineering and Automotive Electromechanics  
- Automation & Control Engineering 
- Electrical Engineering
- Mechatronics, with a minor in PNU standard mechatronics
- Graphic Design 
- Fashion Design
- Architecture, with minors in CSU standard Architecture and Interior Design
- Construction Engineering, with minors in Civil & Industrial Engineering, CSU-standard Civil & Traffic    Construction Engineering and Road & Bridge Construction
- Construction Engineering Technology, with minors in Construction Engineering Management and Building Management Operations
- Transport Construction Engineering, with a minor in Road & Bridge Construction
- Food Technology
- Environmental Technology & Engineering, 
- Natural Resources & Environmental Management, 
- Machine Manufacturing 
The DTU Electrical and Electronic Engineering program was awarded American ABET Six-Year Accreditation in 2020. Technology & Engineering at DTU was ranked 251-300 worldwide (according to THE), due to international partnerships and business relations which have steadily improved the quality of education, 
Ðào t?o công ngh? k? thu?t ô tô cùng các ngành k? thu?t d?m b?o vi?c làm t?i ÐH Duy Tân
Technology & Engineering at DTU 
100% of DTU graduates in certain majors find immediate employment 
In October 2022, the Hoa Binh Construction Group awarded a scholarship worth 100 million VND to Cao Tran Phi Vy, a student of the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering. He is one of three students to receive this scholarship nationwide and will work for Hoa Binh for three years without probation.
Ðào t?o công ngh? k? thu?t ô tô cùng các ngành k? thu?t d?m b?o vi?c làm t?i ÐH Duy Tân
Cao Tran Phi Vy (second from the right) receives the Hoa Binh Blue Compass scholarship
Ninety-five percent of DTU graduates find jobs within six months but 100% of majors in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Construction and Electrical are employed immediately, in recognition of the high quality of education at the university. Starting salaries range from about 10-15 million VND per month and  increase yearly. Eligible students may be approached by recruiters from large and small companies alike. 
- Architecture and Construction graduates benefit from 40 jobs offered every year at companies founded by DTU alumni. To satisfy the total demand of 100, other businesses partner with DTU to provide internships or work, including JIBANNET ASIA from Japan, VACS from Japan, the An Cuong Company, the VICO Corporation and the CDC Design Company
- Environmental and Food majors all find jobs immediately at the MD Environmental Technology Company in Quang Ngai, the EUC Company in Binh Duong and Wordtech in Danang and others.  
Products designed for the community
DTU students won the 2014 IDEERS Competition, many Loa Thanh prizes, and third prize at the 2020 National Entrepreneurship Competition. 
Ðào t?o công ngh? k? thu?t ô tô cùng các ngành k? thu?t d?m b?o vi?c làm t?i ÐH Duy Tân
DTU School of Engineering & Technology products
“Made at Duy Tan” products demonstrate the dedication of DTU lecturers and students to the community:
- The iRobt was tested for two months and will be completed for use at Danang International Airport
- Electric wheelchairs have been donated to the disabled 
- Robotic Arms were given to disabled students in Quang Nam 
These achievements have motivated Technology & Engineering lecturers and students to work even harder in their future educational and research pursuits. 
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