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The “Mr. Chin Ky” Charity Fund Presents 70 Gifts to DTU Students

On December 24th, a representative of the “Mr. Chin Ky” charity fund presented 70 gifts to financially challenged students, in commemoration of the 2023 Lunar New Year. Ms. Phuong Phuong, singer-songwriter and a representative of the “Mr. Chin Ky” Charity Fund, spoke at the ceremony.
Ms. Phuong Phuong
The “Mr. Chin Ky” charity fund was founded by Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Nu, Chairwoman of the Thien Kim Company, after her beloved father passed away. Ms. Nu, her father, and her family have been volunteering in the community for 20 years. After her father’s death, she decided to set up a charity fund named “Mr. Chin Ky,” in the name of her father, to continue helping disadvantaged people and fulfill her father’s aspirations. However, this was their very first presentation of gifts to deserving university students. 
The gifts were worth 600,000 VND each, for 70 students from 7 DTU schools. Ms. Phuong said: “I have been doing charitable work with Ms. Nu from the beginning. After she built a successful career, she wanted to help disadvantaged people in the community.” Over the past 20 years, Ms. Kim Nu has held many charitable events. During the pandemic, she sent thousands of tons of rice for distribution in every province. She once told me that, at first, she  had an extremely difficult life herself, so could understand the difficulties and worries that poor people experience today.” 
Happy DTU students receive gifts from the fund
“Up to now, we have helped many disadvantaged families, in the cities, the countryside and the mountains, but this is the first time we have donated to students. One night, I had an urgent job and booked a Grab bike. The driver was a young man who told me that he was studying at DTU. Due to family financial problems, he was forced to work at night as a part-time Grab driver to help his parents out a little. I was a student myself at the Hue Academy of Music, also had a tough time, and really felt for him. I told Ms. Nu his story, she was very moved to hear it and that’s the reason we’re here today. We want to spread our love to your students, the future owners of our country, to motivate them to the maximum to conquer their dreams.”
Le Thuy Kieu Xuan is a fourth-year student majoring in Project Management and said: “I come from Phu Ninh, Quang Nam and am the elder of two daughters. My mother sells vegetables in the market and is unable to support the family and pay university fees for us both at the same time. I am delighted to receive this gift from the “Mr. Chin Ky” charity fund for the upcoming Tet New Year. It will motivate me to study even harder because I now realize that there are many remarkable things and people in this world. I want to thank the fund, the university and my lecturers for their encouragement.”
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