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An Agreement with VALOCEN

On January 7, DTU and the Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development (VALOCEN) signed an agreement. Attendees included Mr. Duong Quang Khanh, VALOCEN General Secretary and Chairman; VALOCEN department heads; Dr. Tran Nhat Tan, DTU Vice-Provost; and Logistics and Supply Chain Management students. 
Mr. Duong Quang Khanh 
Mr. Duong Quang Khanh said: “In the 4.0 era, VALOCEN is creating the some of the most advanced technologies to facilitate students in their internships and practice. We function as a successful value-added entity to train Logistics and Supply Chain Management majors using technology solution programs, developed by experts from renowned companies. In the process, students gain practical experience and access to a broader range of career opportunities, improving the quality of DTU Logistics graduates and increasing the quantity and quality of qualified professionals in general.”
The signing ceremony
It was agreed that DTU and VALOCEN would jointly:
- Implement CPL (Certified Professional Logistician) courses
- Develop specialized educational standards, advanced Bachelor's degree programs and other diversified special programs
- Conduct short-term training programs in Logistics, including training for trainers; Vocational Certificate training; improve workers’ vocational skills; and enhance English proficiency enhancement
- Implement logistics simulation software; internship practice centers (COEs); and teacher exchanges between local schools 
- Introduce job promotion and labor demand data centers, and organize job promotion events
- Enable DTU to network with other universities and logistics companies to provide internship, recruitment and training opportunities at the university
VALOMA was founded by the Ministry of Education & Training in 2019 as a socio-professional organization of Vietnamese citizens and companies to provide educational support to individuals and businesses, as well as assisting in human resource development in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Members include universities, colleges, institutes, training centers, logistics enterprises, lecturers, entrepreneurs, experts in the field of logistics.
VALOMA's vision is to become a professional and renowned organization, connecting key individuals and organizations to improve efficiency. Their aim is to widen the scope of the training and development highly qualified Logistics professionals, to meet the required global integration standards of the Vietnamese logistics industry.
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