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ASEAN-Korea Center Secretary General in Visits DTU

On December 16, the ASEAN-Korea Center (AKC) Secretary General Mr. Kim Hae-yong and his delegation paid a working visit to DTU. Hero of Labor and Meritorious Teacher Le Cong Co, Chairman of the DTU Board of Trustees, and the leadership of member schools, offices, and departments of the university welcomed the AKC delegation and engaged in close talks with them.
Mr. Kim Hae-yong speaks
Founded in 2009, the ASEAN-Korea Center is an intergovernmental organization mandated to promote a lasting and genuine economic and socio-cultural cooperation between the ASEAN member states and South Korea. Currently the AKC members come from Korea and ten other ASEAN countries and since its establishment, the AKC has carried out many activities to promote trade and investment, and developing new cultural and tourism programs.
“I’m happy to be at DTU and had the opportunity to meet one of my former schoolmates,  Mr. Mo Chul-min, now the Provost of the DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute,” said Mr. Kim Hae-yong. “I worked at Dong-A University in Busan for 3 years, where I met Mr. Lim Sang-taek, the current Provost of the International School and am happy to hear about DTU’s excellent relationships with many universities in Korea, including Dong-A University. With its thirty thousand students, I know that DTU engages in cultural and student exchange programs similar to AKC’s and in July 2023, we’re planning to organize exchange programs for students from ASEAN countries, including Vietnam, hoping to receive strong support DTU.”
The AKC delegation at DTU
Hero of Labor and Meritorious Teacher Le Cong Co was delighted to welcome Mr. Kim Hae-yong and the visiting AKC delegation and emphasized, “The relationship between Vietnam and South Korea is growing even stronger and the two countries are becoming like brothers. This year, while attending a conference in Korea, I hoped that our universities would exchange and more links with each other. Now that wish has started to come true, resulting in even more partnerships with prestigious Korean universities. We are especially grateful to  our lecturers from Korea, such as Mr. Lim Sang-taek and Mr. Mo Chul-min, who have contributed to our success. I also hope that, after this visit by AKC, we will have more resources to enable us to keep up with other major universities.”
After a whole morning of deep discussion, the AKC delegation had a working session with DTU and spoke in detail about several new exchange and partnership programs that will begin in July 2023, opening additional opportunities for networking, cultural and educational exchanges, and broadening international experience for Vietnamese,  Korean and other ASEAN students.
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