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DTU Journal of Science & Technology: Counts for or Gets Increased Publication Points in Three More Fields in 2022

On July 6, the State Council for Professorship announced its decision number 42/QÐ-HÐGSNN on the 2022 list of scientific journals counting for points. Accordingly, the Duy Tan University (DTU) Journal of Science & Technology has three more fields where it will count for points or which increased their points.
The field of pedagogics and the combined field culture–arts–exercise & sports all count for 0.25 points for the first time, while the field of construction & architecture is increased from 0.25 points (since 2021) to 0.5 points (in 2022).
T?p chí Khoa h?c và Công ngh? ÐH Duy Tân: Thêm 3 ngành, Liên ngành du?c Tính di?m và Tang di?m nam 2022
The DTU Journal of Science & Technology counts for or gets increased publication points in three more fields in 2022
The Ministry of Information & Communications issued the DTU Journal of Science & Technology a print press license (nr. 1245/GP-BTTTT) on August 5, 2011, and the National Agency for Technology Information of the Ministry of Science &
Technology assigned it the ISSN number 1859-4905 in 2012.
Publications in the DTU Journal of Science & Technology must conform to certain principles: original, containing a new discovery, having scientific value, published for the first time, etc. and are edited and published following scientific standards. Before publication, papers must be scientifically peer-review once or several times by people with academic titles or degrees in the same field and with scientific prestige. Authors in the journal are students, lecturers, researchers, and scientists from the university and from elsewhere (even from abroad), and many of them are also authors of a great many international publications (including in ISI-indexed journals).
The DTU Journal of Science & Technology currently uses the ANTIPLG software to trace originals of texts. The software is able to detect passages showing signs of copying using writing style analysis, matching with texts in a database, and matching with online documents and data with high accuracy. The software allows eliminating papers containing copied passages or plagiary, thus ensuring the academic prestige of all publications in the journal.
The DTU Journal of Science & Technology publishes six issues each year: five in Vietnamese and one in English. The content of the journal covers many fields and focuses on three: natural sciences, engineering science & technology, and social sciences & humanities.
Since its first issue (in November 2011) to date (November 2021), the DTU Journal of Science & Technology published 47 issues. Each year, the journal publishes about a hundred papers in many fields.
So far, the DTU Journal of Science & Technology has nine fields counting for publication points; in addition to the three mentioned above, it also has physics (0.5 points), pharmacology, biology, literature, economics, and chemistry & food technology (each for 0.25 points).
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