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An Ikebana Cultural experience

On January 23rd, the DTU Vietnam-Japan Institute for Strategic Cooperation (VJISC) held an extra-curricular online entitled “An Ikebana Cultural Experience - the Japanese art of flower arrangement”, for DTU students of Japanese.  Ms. Kaneda Chiaki, a professional Ikebana teacher; Dr. Le Vinh An, Director VJISC; Ms. Emiko Kumata, a Japanese lecturer; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuong; and students attended.  
Ho?t d?ng Tr?i nghi?m Van hóa Nh?t B?n Ikebana
Ms. Kaneda Chiaki demonstrates Ikebana arrangements 
Ikebana originated in the offering of flowers to the Buddha and the Japanese took the flower arrangement concept and made it into what it is today. Everyone can enjoy basic floral art, even younger people, male or female. During the Meiji Restoration, Ikebana was considered part of schoolgirl education and today the number classes, even for beginners is ever growing, with over three hundred schools in Japan, teaching Ikenobo, Sogetsu, Ohara and other variations. Ms. Chiaki currently lives and works in Japan, was introduced to Ikebana when she was very young and has now reached the 1st level as a professor in the Ohara-Ryu school and DTU attendees successfully made several flower arrangements under her careful guidance.
Ho?t d?ng Tr?i nghi?m Van hóa Nh?t B?n Ikebana
Ikebana designs 
Huynh Vu Huyen Tran said: “The presentation helped me understand more about Ikebana and the art of Japanese flower arrangement and also gave me an opportunity to improve my Japanese with native speakers. I hope the pandemic will end soon so that I can participate in other exciting activities.” 
For the past years, DTU VJISC collaborates with several well-known Japanese universities and research institutes to offer overseas studies programs at reasonable cost. DTU’s Japanese partnerships allow students to experience advanced education methods and the unique culture of the land of the cherry blossom. 
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