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Multimedia Communications and Graphic Design: Majors for Creative Minds

The recent explosion of digital technology, entertainment, media and advertising has made Multimedia Communications and Graphic Design two of the most popular majors for dynamic, dedicated and creative university applicants.
Truy?n thông da phuong ti?n, thi?t k? d? h?a: Ngành h?c c?a s? sáng t?o
DTU students in state-of-the-art labs
These two carefully planned programs take advantage of special study facilities and equipment that DTU has invested in to provide students with the optimum study environment.
Enhance skills to become journalism, media and graphic design professionals 
- Multimedia Communication: Using the latest technologies, Multimedia Technology students learn the basics of Journalism and receive a comprehensive education in video production and image processing, including the visual techniques required to create 2D and 3D media products for use in entertainment, advertising, newspapers, electronic publications, advertising clips and websites. At the same time, students are taught the soft skills required to make presentations and observations, work in teams, understand consumer psychology and improve their proficiency in English.
Talk shows and exchanges will be frequently organized with experienced journalists from the Danang radio and TV station (DRT), the Thanhnien, Tuoi tre, Danang Police and the Nguoi Lao Dong newspapers, and the Danang Publishing House to offer the ideal study environment and broaden career opportunities. Partners will also assist Multimedia Communication students in their work on the design of advertising banners, viral videos, animated features and so on.
- Graphic Design: This is the applied art major and students must combine creativity with graphic tools to develop impressive, eye-catching and meaningful visual messages by gaining in-depth experience in typography, corporate identity, in graphic, advertising, package, web and application design, the games industry and film-making techniques. The course also includes studies in drawing and sketching, in pencil and watercolor. In addition, mobile applications combine design with communication, fine arts and business skills to meet the requirements of the global entertainment industry today.
Students are taught by the staff of the Silver Swallows Studio to creatively combine traditional and digital design techniques to convey various messages, based on the curriculum of the Singapore Polytechnic Industrial Arts Design and Media Education.
Study in highly configurable computer labs and in a film studio
At the DTU Silver Swallows Studio, students will use a special advanced computer network, a sound-proofed projection room with a large screen, and the latest software, including Pro Tools, 3DS Max, 3D Maya and ZBrush. 
Recently, the Silver Swallows Studio successfully launched its first documentary film entitled “The First Swallows”, in the series “The Silver Swallows Go to War”. In addition, they have also produced a short film entitled “Typo Master”, which won a silver prize in the Japanese DigiCon6 Short Film Contest for amateur and professional filmmakers, and the Vietnamese VFX movies "Poinsettia Tí" and "Going Home for Tet".
Truy?n thông da phuong ti?n, thi?t k? d? h?a: Ngành h?c c?a s? sáng t?o
The DTU Silver Swallows Studio
DTU is the home of the IT and Software Engineering centers, the Technology Journal and the Media Center. The high-quality education and teams of highly-experienced have resulted in the success of some highly-talented students including:
Truy?n thông da phuong ti?n, thi?t k? d? h?a: Ngành h?c c?a s? sáng t?o
 Huynh van Quy, whose logo “Ice Kream” won the People’s Choice Award at the Virtual Logo20 Art Design exhibition.
Truy?n thông da phuong ti?n, thi?t k? d? h?a: Ngành h?c c?a s? sáng t?o
 Nguyen Thi Thuy Tram, who was awarded a trophy and a Certificate of Merit for submitting one of the top 100 entries in the 2020 American Graphic Design Awards competition. 
In 2021, DTU continues to award preferential scholarships for students in Multimedia Communications and Graphic Design including:
-  450 scholarships worth from one to five million dong each for Multimedia Communications and Graphic Design applicants with a total high school graduation exam three-subject score from five to ten points above the admissions minimum.
- 700 scholarships from 500,000 to 2 million dong each for Multimedia Communications and Graphic Design applicants with a high school transcript scores of 22 or more.
- A 10% reduction in first-year tuition fees for 50 Multimedia Communications applicants.
- Graphic Design students from Quang Tri, Quang Binh, Ha Tinh, Nghe An and Thanh Hoa will each be awarded 1 million VND on enrollment.
For more information on Multimedia Communications and Graphic Design at DTU, see: Multimedia Communications, Graphic Design 
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