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"Road to Game Artist" Talkshow

On April 4, the DTU Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts and the Vinagame Corporation (VNG) jointly held a Talkshow entitled "Road to Game Artist", with many Architecture and Graphic Design students attending. 
VNG Corporation representatives at the talkshow
The Vinagame Corporation (VNG) is a Vietnamese technology company founded in 2004 and specializes in digital content, online entertainment, social networking and e-commerce. VNG focuses on online games, platforms, digital payments and cloud services. Major products developed by VNG include Zalo, ZaloPay, Zing MP3 and 123phim. According to the ASEAN Post, the company is Vietnam’s first ever unicorn start-up, with over 100 million customers.
A “game artist” creates the visuals and has a direct impact on players’ impressions. They decide on the graphical style of a game and conceive objects based on the plot and the designer’s ideas. 
DTU students attend the talkshow
VNG experts explained that, in order to become a skilled game artist, students must acquire a basic knowledge of fine arts, painting and graphics, to creatively sharpen their drawing skills using a combination of the digital tools available. Game artists must become sophisticated and have an aesthetic eye while continually refining innovative new art trends in order to be achieve success. At the same time, students must also broaden their understanding of other related fields, such as psychology, anthropology and sociology. 
Participants played the exciting Kahoot game and winners received prizes. Then they met face-to-face with VNG experts and learned about recruiting requirements. 
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