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2021 Conferences on Higher Education Admission for Pedagogy

On March 25, the 2021 Conferences on Higher Education Admissions for Pedagogy took place in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Danang and Can Tho. The Ministry of Education & Training (MoET) and higher education institutions discussed and reached a basic consensus on continuing enrollment, but with several amendments to the advantage of applicants.
The 2020 general report on enrollment by the Department of Higher Education shows that 900,066 applicants registered for the exam countrywide, of whom 643,271 or 71.47% signed up for Pedagogy. 467,791 were admitted and enrolled, which was 86.41% of the target and 8.71% more in number than 2019. 
However, in 2020, 35,936 applicants were admitted and enrolled in Teacher Training majors, which was only 61.58% of the target, but more in number than 2019.
H?i ngh? Tuy?n sinh Ð?i h?c, Cao d?ng Su ph?m nam 2021
The 2021 Conference on Higher Education Admission for Pedagogy at DTU 
The report stated that, in 2020, the High School Graduation Exam and enrollment procedures were quickly and successfully adapted, despite the pandemic. Enrollment proceeded in accordance with the law, using the latest software applications effectively, providing vital information and enrollment results. Applicants could register for multiple majors to increase their chances of admission. Redundant applications and examination costs were reduced, enrollment formulae diversified, all of which were clearly explained the prospective students and their parents.
Amendments to the draft of the 2021 Enrollment Regime for Higher Education in Pedagogy include:
- Applicants can now register their enrollment preferences in Pedagogy or for kindergarten teaching in writing or online
- Enrollment preferences can be modified online up to three times during the prescribed time period, compared with once in 2020
- The rules are more specific in Northwest Vietnam, the Central Highlands and Southwest Vietnam, where needs are greater
- HSGE certificates can be used to confirm enrollment
- Systems enrollment, registration preferences, the removal of redundant applications and the collection and distribution of tuition fees will be coordinated nationally
H?i ngh? Tuy?n sinh Ð?i h?c, Cao d?ng Su ph?m nam 2021
Lecturers from all education institutions attend the conferences
At the close of the conferences, Vice-Minister Hoang Minh Son confirmed that MoET will always continue to work closely with education institutions for fair and efficient 2021 enrollment. “Our success in 2020 can be summarized in five words: stability, proactivity, flexibility, technology and collaboration,” he explained. “In 2021, we must maintain stable systems and organizational methods. Institutions must collaborate with each other and the ministry. We must have proactive plans to deal with changes and continue to use technology to reduce errors to the advantage of schools and applicants. All activities must focus on facilitation, added advantages and the avoidance of errors that may affect the applicants.”
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