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DTU Presents its Five Schools

On November 11, DTU held the opening ceremony for 2020-2021. On this occasion, the University introduced the five schools of Medicine & Pharmacy, Foreign Languages, Technology, Computer Engineering and Economics.
Tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân ra m?t 5 tru?ng dào t?o thành viên
DTU introduces the heads of the five schools
1,238 staff, lecturers and others are employed by DTU, including 843 lecturers, 234 of whom hold PhDs or professorial titles. The university continues to attract talented professors and PhDs from well-known universities around the world, to build a team of experienced lecturers and researchers and enhance its education and reputation.
In its 26th year, DTU continues to establish international partnerships with well-known universities in the US, the UK and Singapore for normal training, overseas exchange studies and special American degree programs for students in Danang.
Online classes were successfully implemented during the waves of Covid-19 to allow students to continue their studies and graduate on schedule. 
The DTU-Vent was presented, with all the functionality of a professional medical ventilator and meeting the requirements for use in emergencies and to treat Covid-19 patients. The eCPR was presented: a cardiopulmonary resuscitation first aid training system which won a Sao Khue award in 2020.
In 2020-2021, DTU is offering several new majors, including: Artificial Intelligence, Fashion Design, Automotive Engineering Technology, Control Engineering and Automation, Digital Business, Real Estate Business Management, Natural Resource Management & Environment Management, Event & Entertainment Management, Korean and Architectural Heritage Conservation.
The university awarded 193 scholarships worth a total of 16 billion VND. Among those were 84 full scholarships worth 10 billion and 109 partial scholarships worth 6 billion. Reduced tuition fees for new students amounted to 13 billion VND, to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and storm and flooding damage in Central Vietnam, by encouraging students in difficulty to prevail and study well. 
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