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A Safe Driving Techniques Course for K26 Freshmen

On October 18, the DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering launched a Safe Driving Techniques course and a Safe Driving contest for K26 Automotive Engineering Technology freshmen, attended by a representative of the Quang Nam Transportation Vocational Education Center, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Dean Dr. Ha Dac Binh and staff, lecturers and K26 freshmen.
Dr. Ha Dac Binh speaks
“Automotive Engineering Technology is a new DTU major in 2020-2021,” said Dr. Ha Dac Binh. “Students learn about the analysis and design of automotive equipment and systems; operating factory equipment and assembly lines; organizing and implementing maintenance and repair, upgrading car parts and systems; organizing, managing and operating car design and manufacturing and so on, to prepare graduates for a career in automotive technology engineering. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering will teach safe car operation and control and that skill will be very useful in their later jobs.”
A member of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering gave an overview of the major. The duration of the course is 4.5 years and covers mechanical engineering, automation, electricity and electronics, and machine manufacturing technology. Students learn about the management of automotive technology services, spare parts production, assembly and efficiency improvement. They acquire a basic knowledge of material strength, machine principles, machine parts, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, control systems, as well as specialized information on internal combustion engines, automotive computing, automotive electric and electronic systems, automotive maintenance, diagnosis, repair, safety and comfort systems, new automotive fuel and energy sources, and technical automotive inspection. Graduates will work as service advisors for car manufacturers, on the management of production and assembly lines, in sales and repair in garages, or as car registration staff.
K26 Automotive Engineering Technology freshmen
On the Safe Driving Techniques course, students will be instructed on:
- the inspection and use of cars: checking fuel, coolant, lubricating oil, clutch oil, brake fluid, windscreen cleaner, battery charging, engine problems, dashboard observation, door lock control, opening and closing windows, opening the fuel cap, opening the hood.
- basic safe operation and driving: driver seat adjustment, seat belt fastening, throttling to avoid stalling, driving back and forth and stopping along a straight line, and parking.
The leading students of the Safe Driving Techniques course will be selected for the Safe Driving contest and the three best students will enter the 2021 Honda Fuel-Efficient Driving contest in Hanoi in September 2021. The Quang Nam Transportation Vocational Education Center will also award the best students with twenty scholarships worth 2 million vnd each, for driving lessons.
“Today’s event was really useful for freshmen,” said Ho Duc Nam, an Automotive Engineering Technology freshman. “A clear understanding of the major we chose will help us draw up appropriate study and career plans and knowing how to drive a car while studying will give us an advantage finding jobs later.”
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