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A Talk Show, with a presentation of the Fire book, by Painter Du Du

On October 23, DTU held a talk show where painter Du Du presented her book entitled Fire. The event was attended by lecturers and students and warmly received by all.
Painter Du Du, whose real name is Nguyen Thi Du Du, graduated from the Hue University of Fine Arts in 1986 and is a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, the Alliance of Arts & Literature Associations of Danang, and the World Women Inventors & Entrepreneurs Association, Flower of the World. She has won many national and regional awards, a National prize in 2000, a General Political Department prize in 2003, a Vietnam Fine Arts Association prize in 2014 and Danang Arts & Literature prizes in 1995, 2000 and 2006. Many of her paintings are on display in private collections in Germany, the US, France, Japan and England.
Talk show và S? ki?n ra m?t t?p sách “L?a” c?a h?a si Du Du
Painter Du Du 
Painter Du Du’s book Fire attracted interest from the DTU attendees because of its suggestive multi-layered title and its rich, emotional and artistic drawings, depicting a variety of topics. The painter’s personal feelings and views can be seen through the many landscapes, portraits, still-life drawings and engravings, in oil paint, silk and do paper.
Painter Du Du presented a several paintings that told her stories of Personal Worlds, Empty Spaces, Ancient Melodies. Heritage, Styles of Old and Sounds of Colors.
Talk show và S? ki?n ra m?t t?p sách “L?a” c?a h?a si Du Du
Painter Du Du, with lecturers and students
“Deciding to become a painter and live off my brush was a propitious choice,” the painter explained. “I think that I create my paintings not just for other people’s appreciation, but also to express my inner feelings. This is why art only has value only if the artist can draw on the beauty of life and reveal their soul’s deepest emotions, spreading and sharing their positive energy with their audiences.”
Listening to a richly experienced and passionate artist like painter Du Du allowed students to learn more about the valuable art forms which promote humanity, truth, compassion and beauty.
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