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A Message from the DTU Chairman at the Beginning of the New School Year

Duy Tan University opens a new academic year with several recently accumulated difficulties. The Coronavirus pandemic has spread globally since its emergence last Tet and, meanwhile, the people in Central region have also suffered from an intolerable loss of life and property, caused by recent devastating typhoons and floods.  
Thông di?p d?u nam h?c 2020 - 2021
Distinguished Teacher and Hero of Labor, Le Cong Co 
How do I feel about Central Vietnam, where a year never passes without severe drought or destructive floods?
Duy Tan University shares with all teachers and students the painful loss caused by the double disasters of disease and flooding. We begin a new school year with high determination and endless energy to study and research to implement the 4.0 revolution, promoting the associated entrepreneurship skills to create new breakthroughs which contribute to the development of Vietnam in this new era.
In order to achieve this, most importantly of all, you must become self-motivated, active and creative, determined to achieve the very highest results. You must set your own goals, make sustained efforts and participate in global integration. In these times, DTU still expects students to set their own pace and often work independently. However, I encourage you to question your lecturers, mentors, department heads, deans and principals whenever you need them. 
The faculty, administrators and service staff play an important role in helping students learn and practice. They play an essential role in both primary and higher education. However, parents are your original and most important teachers, and lifelong learning partners. Teaching is the highest and most demanding of all professions and all DTU lecturers and personnel are expected to take responsibility and dedicate themselves to their work and student care.
Let’s all work together and promise to cultivate DTU into an even more comfortable, intellectual and enjoyable institution.
With my warmest salutations,
Distinguished Teacher and Hero of Labor Le Cong Co. 
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