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City-Level Excellent Students Directly Admitted by DTU

DTU has recently received a continuous stream of applications from high school students with good academic achievements, and in particular from applicants who won high prizes in City-level Excellent Student contests from different cities. Among the students directly admitted to DTU in 2020, there are two with very impressive achievements who signed up for the DTU major in Tourism and Hotel Management.
Do Thi Thuy Tien: For Your Dreams, Don’t Spare Any Effort
With twelve years of cum laude and manga cum laude results, it does not surprise many when they learn that Do Thi Thuy Tien, a petite and pretty student of class 12/2 at Ong Ich Khiem senior high in Danang, took a second prize at the 2020 City-level Excellent Student contest, it is clear from her dreams and her study orientation for the future. Thuy Tien has a special interest in subjects in the Social sciences, especially for History and Geography. This is why a quick peek into Thuy Tien’s academic results makes everyone stand in awe of her, as the results Thuy Tien set down for these subjects in 12th grade are very high: 9.6 for History and 9.2 for Geography.
H?c sinh gi?i c?p thành ph? tuy?n th?ng vào Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Do Thi Thuy Tien with her class teacher
“To obtain high results in any subject at all, you must first of all have a passion for that subject,” Thuy Tien explains her secret. “You should set goals and realize them with determination. I read the book ‘For Your Dreams, Don’t Spare Any Effort’ by the author Mi Li. It’s a book I adore and it’s also my life compass. Besides studying at school, I set aside a lot of time for self-study, preparing lessons before going to class, reviewing the things we learnt, and mastering the basic knowledge and only then investigating further, completing it, and improving on it. Furthermore, looking into interesting exams to train and solving many of them is also a way I memorize knowledge in more depth. History in particular comes with many numbers and milestones to remember, and I make tables comparing periods and events to remember faster.”
Rather friendly, sociable, and helpful to people in her life, Thuy Tien is well-loved by her teachers and friends. She always motivates herself, such that she always brims with energy and resolve to complete her work well and she never shirks from difficulties or challenges.
Thuy Tien’s dream for the future is to become a manager and organize events at a hotel. To realize this dream, she decided to sign up for DTU’s major in Tourism and Hotel Management.
“What impresses me most in DTU is their motto ‘We Do Everything for Student Rights and Future Careers” Thuy Tien confides. “Living in Danang gave me a lot of opportunities to learn about the school. I find their infrastructure very modern, the study environment dynamic, and most of all the curriculums of very good quality and prestige. I believe that studying at DTU will allow me to acquire a lot of useful knowledge and skills to realize my dream.”
Nguyen Thanh Nam: Always persist and continue trying, and you will succeed
Also from Ong Ich Khiem senior high in Danang, Nguyen Thanh Nam also has good academic results with a third prize in History at the 2020 City-level Excellent Student contest.
“I always make time as appropriate and I can be flexible following my schedule,” Thanh Nam explains. “Carefully reading the book and copying the central facts helps me retain knowledge for longer. There’s furthermore a quote by the singer Kwon Ji-yong (G-Dragon) I like a lot: ‘It’s all right if we stumble, as we’re still young.’ When going through difficulties, I tend to tell myself I only need to persist and continue trying a little more and I’ll overcome it all.”
H?c sinh gi?i c?p thành ph? tuy?n th?ng vào ÐH Duy Tân
Nguyen Thanh Nam
Besides studying diligently, Nam also likes many sports, and football, volleyball, high jump, long jump, endurance running, and shuttlecock most of all. As vice secretary of his class, Nam is also active in Youth Union activities. Another interesting tidbit about him is that he loves cooking and he cooks very well. “I am first child with two younger brothers and my parents are both laborers, often work in shifts, and come back home late. That’s why I got used to cooking when I was still young and why I became the family cook.”
About his choice of major and university, Nam explains that, “Tourism in Danang is developing strongly and it’s one of the city’s key sectors. That’s why I chose Tourism and Hotel Management - not only because of a personal liking but also because I’ll have many career development opportunities in this field later on. DTU is one of the 500 best universities in Asia and has a very good training environment. These are the reasons I chose to study at DTU. My family all support my choice and many of my friends also signed up for studies at DTU in many different majors. That’s why I hope I’ll have many memories and beautiful moments with my lecturers and friends throughout my student time there.”
For further information about the DTU major in Tourism and Hotel Management, see: The Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Education & Research
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