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National Third Prize Winner from Le Quy Don Gifted High School Admitted Directly to DTU American Degree Program

Having set down a good academic performance and having won a Third prize in the National Outstanding Student Competition in 2020, Truong Minh Hoang from Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted was admitted directly to the DTU American Degree Program (ADP). Hoang chose DTU to pursue his higher education and advance his career as he realized that DTU is well-equipped with high quality curricula that meet his needs. 
Study to acquire knowledge
Hoang has been dreaming of studying abroad and becoming a successful café and restaurant owner for many years, which motivated him to strive harder in his studies. During his high school education at Le Quy Don, he mastered the basic knowledge of all subjects and learned skills thanks to his teachers there. Minh Hoang is very good at Geography and won three awards in the field:  
-    A Silver medal in the April 30 Olympics in 2018 
-    A First prize in in the city-level Outstanding Student Contest
-    A third prize in the 2020 National Outstanding Student Contest   
Thí sinh d?t gi?i Ba qu?c gia THPT Chuyên Lê Quý Ðôn tuy?n th?ng vào Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Truong Minh Hoang
Sharing his study methods and tips to be an excellent student and prize winner for many consecutive years, Hoang said: “I always take responsibility for my studies and never rest on my laurels. I constantly strive to achieve more and more. To master knowledge, I classify everything to be learned from general to detailed and vice versa. I make use of mind atlases, practice drawing all kinds of charts and present lessons in the most logical way. Also, I always try to improve my social and communication skills by participating in many extra-curricular activities.”
Obtaining US degree without leaving Vietnam
Hoang became pensive when we asked him about his dream of studying abroad. He explained: “I still want to realize my dream to study in the US. However, studying abroad is quite expensive and most of all, the Covid-19 global pandemic, which is seriously affecting people’s health and their travelling, did worry me. Then I thought “why not realize my dream of studying in America right here in Vietnam?” Spending many days searching for information on the DTU admission page, I learned that DTU is a university in the Central region with high quality training programs. The University also has collaborations with many well-known universities in the world to offer students many advanced programs. Without hesitation, I applied to DTU and was admitted directly to the ADP in Business Administration.
“As far as I know, DTU implemented the ADP programs in partnership with Keuka College in America to give students the chance to study the most advanced international courses and obtain US degrees without leaving Vietnam. ADP students spend four years at DTU, with everything taught completely in English by lecturers from Keuka College (70%) and foreign lecturers (30%), at the cost of a third of that of overseas studies in the US. With a US degree from the DTU ADP program, students can look for many attractive job opportunities in Vietnam and overseas, to achieve global integration and become international specialists.”
Currently, the On-Site Study-Abroad program for US degrees is not only an alternative to travelling abroad for American degrees, but also the most suitable choice for Vietnamese young people who are eager to strive to become global citizens without leaving their hometown.
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