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Getting an internship at Schneider Electric after winning an award at Go Green in the City

After graduating from DTU, Nguyen Thi Thanh became an intern at Schneider Electric Vietnam. Let’s chat with Nguyen Thi Thanh, who won the 2018 Women in Business Award at the Go Green in the City contest in Atlanta, to find out more about her interesting progression.  
Co h?i tr?i nghi?m công vi?c sau khi giành gi?i cu?c thi Go Green in the City
Nguyen Thi Thanh (right) and her teammate won the Women in Business award
* Hi Thanh, you have just graduated from DTU and got an internship at Schneider Electric Vietnam. Can you tell us about this interesting opportunity? 
- It was on a summer day of 2017 when I finished my second year. Thanks to a teacher, I heard about Schneider Electric and its annual global student innovation competition called Go Green in the City, a fantastic opportunity for students worldwide to challenge themselves by exploring bold ideas in energy management and efficiency. That year, my team won the National “Go Green in The City” competition sponsored by Schneider Electric Vietnam.  
A year later, in 2018, I resumed my meaningful journey with Schneider Electric by taking part in Go Green again. And it was one of the most memorable journeys ever. The 2018 contest attracted 2,840 participants from the US, China, Germany, Algeria, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Spain, Canada and other countries. My teammate and I luckily progressed to the APAC finals  and advanced to the global finals in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where we presented our  project entitled “A braking system to convert friction into electrical energy” to  a panel of Schneider Electric executives and technical experts. I could see that the jury panel really paid attention to our every single idea. At the end of this memorable journey, my team won a special prize for an all-female team - “The Women in Business” award. It recognizes talented and innovative female students in international competitions. This prize was the best way to close a wonderful year full of extraordinary experiences thanks to Schneider and Duy Tan University.
I was impressed by the way Schneider Electric truly empowered the young generation, so I decided to apply for an internship at Schneider Electric Vietnam. I want to know more about Schneider Electric and acquire practical knowledge and skills for my career development. 
* Did anyone encourage you to the challenge of the contest?
I scored 28.25 on entry in 2015 and became the highest-scoring student to enroll at DTU. I enrolled in an American Degree Program (ADP) from a partnership with Keuka College and my major was Business Administration. My shy and indecisive nature has disappeared since I received much encouragement from our dedicated and experienced lecturers from the US, Taiwan, Russia, South Korea and other countries. Thanks to their motivation I became dynamic and more self-confident. In 2017, I decided to participate in Go Green in the City. During my preparation for the contest, I received dedicated mentoring from Director Tran Nhat Tan from the DTU Center of Quality Assessment and Testing and Dr. Ha Dac Binh, Dean of the DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering, to perfect our project on schedule.
Co h?i tr?i nghi?m công vi?c sau khi giành gi?i cu?c thi Go Green in the City
Nguyen Thi Thanh
Co h?i tr?i nghi?m công vi?c sau khi giành gi?i cu?c thi Go Green in the City
Nguyen Thi Thanh and some Schneider Electric Vietnam employees  
* Presently, what do you do at Schneider Electric Vietnam?
- At present, I’m an Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding intern at the HR department at Schneider Electric Vietnam. I support the team with recruitment, event organization, and employer branding. Schneider Electric, a global company operating in over 100 countries and employing 137,000 employees, provides energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. Every year, Schneider Electric offers full-time internship programs for young people with outstanding academic performance and good English skills. Through the internship, students gain real-world experience and skills to grow personally and professionally. 
* How useful is the knowledge you acquired at DTU to your present job?
- I studied Business Administration mostly with American lecturers, so my English ability and my self-confidence improved significantly during 4 years of studying at DTU. The lecturers of DTU and Keuka College were very dedicated to teaching us. At DTU we focused on improving soft skills such as: giving presentations, teamwork, and project development, and we were encouraged to participate in national and international competitions, which will be very useful for my career at Schneider Electric in the future.
* Can you provide younger students some advice for choosing majors and schools to obtain a great opportunity like you?  
- I used to be very confused about choosing a major and a school for my higher education. I was not good at English at that time. I became convinced that DTU would fit my personality and dreams as an adult. Honestly, I enrolled in the ADP at DTU by chance. I was lucky to receive a full scholarship from DTU. My four years at DTU has been the happiest period in my life so far.
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