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Viettel Provides Free Data to Support DTU Lecturers and Students with Online Classes

Acknowledging the efficiency of online training at DTU during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Viettel Danang branch of the Army Telecommunication Industry Corporation implemented the program “Online Studies, Free Data” in support of the university’s lecturers and students. DTU is one of the two universities in Danang to be offered this support package by Viettel.
DTU is one of the four universities in the entirety of the country fully equipped with LMS and LCMS to ensure highly efficient online classes, according to statistics the Ministry of Education &Training announced in a meeting it organized on April 17, 2020. Classes were held online throughout the wave of Covid-19 infections in the beginning of 2020, which allowed DTU students to progress and graduate on schedule just like the previous years without pandemic. Now, with the resurgence of Covid-19, DTU continues with online lectures with the support of the modern software and equipment the university invested in.
At this moment, DTU also offers software for online enrollment at the web address http://nhaphoc.duytan.edu.vn, where DTU applicants accepted through the high school transcript can enroll from their homes, to avoid having to move around at the risk of their healths while Covid-19 is still spreading.
DTU students using a Viettel SIM card for online classes get free data
Viettel Danang rolled out the following program: full data support for lecturers and students using Viettel SIM cards to access the online learning management system (LMS) for lecturing and studies.
To obtain free data, lecturers and students who have been using Viettel SIM cards or who sign up for a new Viettel SIM card will not be charged data when logging in to the DTU online learning system and attending lessons through it.
The policy will also apply to applicants who were accepted at DTU in 2020. You only need a Viettel SIM card to study online for free. This is one of the interesting things you receive right when you become a DTU student, in addition to many other perks like tremendous scholarship packages and scholarship vouchers, right from the first day of the new school year.
Students can sign up for the free data program at https://tinyurl.com/y5sl3daw.
The support from Viettel Danang is very meaningful and practical at this moment, and it helps DTU students cut down on the cost of online studies while the situation surrounding Covid-19 continues being as complicated as it is now.
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