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Fourth Live-streamed Enrollment Consultation: Advanced and International Programs, Overseas Studies, On-Site Study-Abroad

DTU advanced and international programs, overseas study programs, and On-Site Study-Abroad programs attract the attention of a great many applicants and their parents year after year. To answer their questions, DTU broadcast a fourth live-streamed enrollment consultation about advanced and international programs, overseas study, and On-Site Study-Abroad over the Facebook social network at 7 pm on June 4. 
Through this fourth live stream, applicants received enrollment advice from MSc Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of the International School; MSc Nguyen Nhu Hien Hoa, Head of the PSU Finance and Accounting Division; MSc Le Tuan, Deputy Director of the On-Site Study Abroad Programs; and MSc Vo Thi Phuong Oanh, Director of the DTU International Learning and Testing Center and Head of the Overseas Study Office.
Cán b?, gi?ng viên Ð?i h?c Duy Tân tham gia Chuong trình Livestream 04
DTU staff and lecturers at the fourth live stream
A great many people asked about the tuition fees for the advanced and international programs at DTU and about how the training quality of these programs is different from that of normal programs. “Tuition fees for both normal and advanced programs are published on the university’s enrollment website,” MSc Nguyen Duc Man explained in answer. “In particular, for CMU standard IT majors they amount to 11.52 million dong per semester, for CSU standard engineering and architecture majors in collaboration with California State University Fullerton they are 9.6 million dong per semester; for PNU standard electrical engineering majors in collaboration with Purdue University they are 10 million dong per semester; those of the PSU standard majors in Finance and Banking, Business Administration, and Accounting & Auditing in collaboration with Pennsylvania University are 11.52 dong per semester; and those of PSU standard hospitality majors are 12.64 million dong per semester.
“These programs are the result of training collaborations with prestigious universities in the US, aimed at transferring curriculums, change of teaching and studying ways, and lecturer exchange and training to bring students the newest knowledge and to ensure they have more job opportunities after graduating. 100% of IT students and 90% of hospitality, business administration, and economics students finding employment after graduation are testament to the training quality of DTU’s advanced and international programs.”
Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh - Livestream 04: Các Chuong trình Tiên ti?n và Qu?c t?, Du h?c và Du h?c T?i ch?
MSc Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of the DTU International School, answering questions for the fourth live stream
Knowing that DTU awarded more than 2,500 scholarship with total value over 38 billion dong for the 2019 enrollment season, a great many of enrollees wanted to know how to obtain the scholarships. “DTU gives away a huge number of valuable scholarships in the hope to give freshmen just entering a new study environment some encouragement,” MSc Man continued. “For its advanced and international programs, DTU gives away 39 full scholarship covering 100% of tuition fees, with total value over three billion dong to students with total High Scholl Graduation Exammination three-subject score of 23 points or higher. To keep such a scholarship in higher years, you have to guarantee an average score of 3.2/4.0 points each year, which means magna cum laude. In the case you do not obtain the required points, you will have to pay tuition the next year, and if you have magna cum laude results again, you will continue receiving the scholarship.
For the Overseas study and On-Site Study-Abroad programs, students with more than 24 points, and with either more than 7 points for English or an IELTS certificate of 5.5 points or more can get scholarships covering 100% of tuition fees for the full course. You can also obtain partial scholarships with 22 points or more if you have 5 points or more for English. Those with over 24 points but with less than 5 points for English can still get a scholarship for English worth 20 million dong to improve their foreign language skills.”
There were also many questions about the Overseas and On-Site Study-Abroad programs, as these are a chance to get a degree from the US without having to leave their families behind. Tran Van Khoa’s question, “How do we sign up for On-Site Study-Abroad programs?” was on many people’s minds at the fourth live stream. “On-Site Study Abroad means you study at DTU for four years and you graduate with a regular degree from one of our two partner universities, Keuka College or Troy University, depending on your major,” Deputy Director of the On-Site Study Abroad Programs MSc Le Tuan explained in answer to the question. “The American Keuka College and Troy University are regionally accredited in the US. Their regular degrees are recognized throughout the US and all over the world. Those who want to continue studying at one of the aforementioned universities for the second, third, or fourth year can write a proposal, and the DTU On-Site Study-Abroad program will support you to make the application and submit it to one of these two universities.”
Duong Ngoc Bich asked, “Do students of the advanced and international programs study in English or in Vietnamese? And does the school have support programs for students whose English is not up to par?”
“With your English background from senior high school, you can easily pursue the DTU advanced and international programs,” MSc Nguyen Duc Man answered, “as the university has supplementary English programs for those who need it, in addition to English classes throughout the course. For those without the necessary basis, the International School has a team of English language teachers who can support you any time after class hours entirely free of charge, to ensure that after one semester or one year you have the necessary knowledge to continue with second and third year. DTU always devotes the first year to basic and introductory subjects in Vietnamese and to improve students’ English, to have the conditions to develop. If you have not made enough progress after one or two years, you will be advised to move to a normal program, without losing time restudying introductory subjects.
“For Overseas studies and the On-Site Study-Abroad program, students will study for IELTS during the first year, so as to get 5.5 points, in addition to introductory subjects. From the second year onwards you get basic subjects for your major. In third and fourth year, you will study subjects for your major taught by visiting lecturers from Troy University and Keuka College. After completing your fourth year, you can confidently work in an English language environment or continue with overseas studies.”
The counseling team received many more questions, but due to the limited time of the live stream, the university counseling team answered the remaining questions in detail right after. To get a better understanding of the major of your choice, do follow the DTU enrollment advice live streams to get answers on your questions about the coming enrollment season and to get attractive presents.
The fifth live-streamed enrollment consultation about “Accounting & Auditing: Opportunities and challenges in these times of integration” will be broadcast at 7 pm on June 7, 2019, through the DTU fan page.
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