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Vietnamese Engineers for Vietnamese Buildings

The construction sector will continue growing rapidly in the years to come, leading to a tremendous demand for qualified engineers.
However, the Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities (the Ministry of Construction) shows that the number of graduates working in construction is only 12% of the total number of workers, with only 7% of those being highly experienced. This makes it difficult to meet the requirements of constructing more advanced, complex and multifunctional buildings, so professionally skilled civil engineers with a good understanding of local and international standards will play a considerable role in solving this problem. DTU has achieved remarkable success through international partnerships, by developing the first advanced construction education programs in Central Vietnam.
New advanced training through international programs
Large-scale construction projects in Vietnam have always required experienced foreign workers because local engineers are still unable to create state-of-the-art new buildings themselves and Vietnamese companies are therefore unable to compete when bidding for complex new projects.
Ký k?t h?p tác v?i ÐH Bang California dã t?o di?m nh?n m?i trong vi?c nâng cao nang l?c c?a sinh viên Xây d?ng ÐH Duy Tân
Collaboration agreements with CSU improve the education of DTU Civil Engineering students
The number of Vietnamese construction workers must increase from 400,000 to 500,000 by 2020. Universities must expand education in this sector and its quality should be a priority to meet the strict international integration requirements to graduate professionally skilled civil engineers who must meet international requirements as Vietnam integrates into ASEAN. Currently, DTU collaborates with:
- California State University (CSU) Fullerton, one of the leading public universities in Civil Engineering on the West Coast of America 
- Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, which is ranked fifth in Architecture. The first advanced transfer programs began in 2010, with 9 to 21 subjects, and graduates receive Certificates of Expertise from both universities.
New training method in Construction education
DTU Civil Engineering students have the advantage of learning by way of the advanced CDIO method. CDIO is very appropriate for teaching Civil Engineering, which requires creativity. It helps develop key skills, such as interpreting drawings, making construction calculations, drawing designs for foundations, columns and floor beams, and making independent cost estimates. CDIO tailors the student thought process, boosts self-confidence and allows them to broaden their knowledge, develop new ideas and implement them in their future careers.
DTU Civil Engineering students train with the latest equipment
DTU employs a highly-qualified team of proactive lecturers, with PhDs from developed countries, such as Germany, France, Canada, Taiwan and Russia, who are also all noted for their research activities. The Faculty has published fifty papers in ISI indexed journals, one hundred reports in Vietnamese journals and conference proceedings, and conducted many research projects funded by the university, the government and Nafosted.
CSU academics also come to DTU as visiting lecturers, to help in graduating native Vietnamese engineers, fully capable of creating beautiful, special buildings, glorifying a unique Vietnamese identity.
Skilled students win international awards
The large national and international prizes won by DTU students demonstrate their excellent capabilities. Over the years they have supplemented their studies by participating in several competitions, encouraging them to study and research even harder.
Sinh viên Xây d?ng ÐH Duy Tân du?c h?c t?p v?i nhi?u thi?t b? hi?n d?i
Sinh viên Xây d?ng ÐH Duy Tân du?c h?c t?p v?i nhi?u thi?t b? hi?n d?i
The Asia-Pacific IDEERS Champions’ Cup (above) and Loa Thanh prize (below)
DTU Civil Engineering students have won:
The 14th Asia–Pacific IDEERS Champions’ Cup to “design earthquake-resistant buildings”, held in Taiwan and third prizes previous and subsequent years.
Several Loa Thanh prizes, including the first prize in 2010 and three second prizes, nine third prizes and one consolation prize in other years.
First, second and third prizes at national Mechanics, Physics and Mathematics Olympiads.
Companies visit DTU regularly to interview and hire qualified students before graduation. They also offer scholarships to promising Civil Engineering students during their studies. Recruiting civil engineers from DTU has made a big contribution to the development of those companies and DTU graduates currently work in key positions in many government agencies and businesses, such as:
Department of Construction Deputy Director (Dak Nong).
Head of Technical and Quality Department (501 Investment and Construction JSC).
Provincial Deputy Head of Urban Investment and Construction Project Management (Dong Ha, Quang Tri).
Construction site and design supervisors, Directors and Deputy Directors.
In 2019 season, DTU continues to award preferential scholarships students of Civil Engineering
- DTU Scholarships: 720 scholarships worth from one to five million dong each for applicants with a total High Graduation Exam three-subject score three to ten points higher than the admissions minimum.
- 700 Scholarships: from 500,000 to 2 million dong for applicants, including Civil Engineering, with a high school transcript score of 22 or above.
- 39 Full scholarships: 100% of tuition fee, with total value of 3 billion dong, for applicants in the advanced and international CMU, PSU, CSU and PNU programs, with a total High School Graduation Exam three-subject score of 23 or above.
- A 15% reduction in first-year tuition fees for 50 applicants in Road & Bridge Construction and Construction Engineering Management 
- Ten scholarships from California State University worth 10 million dong each for applicants to the advanced and international CSU program 
- Ten scholarships from DTU worth 5 million dong each for CSU International-Standard Architecture programs 
For further information about Construction Education at DTU, visit: The International School  and Faculty of Civil Engineering.  
For further information please contact:
The DTU Enrolment Center at 254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang
Hotline: 1 900 2252 or 090 529 4390 or 090 529 4391
Website: http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn
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