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Third Live-Streamed Enrollment Consultation: Health Sciences

At 7pm on May 30, hundreds of applicants visited DTU’s fan page for the third live-streamed enrollment consultation broadcast, this time on Health Science. They asked questions and listened to the responses of the DTU lecturers, to get a clearer understanding about the majors and the DTU admissions policies and incentives.
The third live-stream was hosted by Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost; Associate Professor Nguyen Thi Bich Thu, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy; Dr. Vo Thi Ha Hoa, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; and Pham Thi Ngoc An, Head of the General Nursing Division.
Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh - Livestream 03: Kh?i ngành Khoa h?c S?c kh?e
DTU staff and lecturers at the live streaming
Associate Professor Minh gave a general introduction on Health Science at DTU. In response to increasing interest and local demand, DTU continues enrolling into the following majors:
- General Pracitioner
- Odonto-Stomatology
- Bachelor of Pharmacy
- General Nursing
These majors attract a large number of applicants, as living standards rise and better health care is vital. However, the medical sector does not have enough qualified professionals to handle this requirement, providing graduates with attractive employment opportunities.
To improve education and graduate high-quality medical staff, DTU partners with large American medical universities, to share their curricula and invite their lecturers to teach at DTU, including:
- The University of Pittsburgh, ranked fifth in the top 15 US universities in medical research.
- The University of Illinois in Chicago, which has the largest medicine and pharmacy training programs in the US, by student numbers and number of majors.
- The Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore.
- Ben-Gurion University in Israel.
- Fooyin University in Taiwan.
- The Seirei Social Welfare Community in Japan.
Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh - Livestream 03: Kh?i ngành Khoa h?c S?c kh?e
DTU Vice-Provost and Associate Professor Minh answers questions
Applicants considering enrolling in Health Care studies at DTU can view the live stream to ask questions and voice their concerns related to the majors, ably answered by DTU lecturers.
One of the main issues was the enrollment formula used for admissions in 2019. Nhu Hieu asked if DTU enrolls nurses based on high school transcripts and how many points were needed for admission.
Pham Thi Ngoc An answered, “In addition to admission based on High School Graduation Exam points, it is possible to be admitted for Nursing based on your 12th grade transcript, with the following subject groups. A00 for Maths, Physics and Chemistry; B00 for Maths, Chemistry and Biology; B03 for Math’s, Biology and Literature: and C02 for Literature, Math’s and Chemistry. High school graduates with a total three-subject score plus preferential points, if applicable, of at least 19.5 and with a 12th grade result of cum laude or higher will be admitted for the Nursing major.”
Planning to become a General Practitioner, Kha Mai asked, “I heard that General Practitioner studies at your university take seven years. Is it possible to study extra during the summer to reduce study time?”
In answer to Kha Mai’s question, Dr. Hoa first explained the advantages of studying for seven years. The first year is devoted to studying English, because all basic medical subjects are taught in English, and there are three specialized topics worth 12 credits taught by foreign doctors and lecturers. From the third year onwards, students receive preclinical training at the university medical simulation center. 
During their studies, students can intern at 18 local training institutions, at large and small hospitals in Hue, Danang, and Quang Nam. The seven years it takes to become a doctor is not too long. Students with good English can take a test to reduce study time in their first year, without the prerequisites.
Nguyen My Hao has a Bachelor of Nursing degree and plans to continue studying for a Master’s. She asked if DTU has foreign Master of Nursing programs.
Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh replied, “DTU currently has a partnership with Fooyin University in Taiwan for an international Master’s degree in Nursing. Nursing graduates meeting the academic and foreign language requirements can submit their registrations to us. Students completing the programs will receive a Master of Science in Nursing from Fooyin.”
In addition, many other viewers sent messages to the DTU fan page inbox, asking for more details on enrollment.
The fourth live streamed enrollment consultation will be broadcast at 7pm on June 4, and cover international programs, overseas studies and On-Site Study-Abroad programs, through the DTU fan page. Watch it, listen to the DTU lecturers and choose a course that is right for you!
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