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Singapore Polytechnic Students Study and Research at DTU

From September 4 to October 13, two students from the Singapore Polytechnic, Wei Jun Chen and Tim Mao Jie, spent five weeks studying and conducting research at DTU in the Overseas Industrial Training Program (OITP) on environmental issues, with the support of lecturers of DTU Faculty of Environmental Engineering. 

 Sinh viên Singapore Polytechnic H?c t?p và Nghiên c?u t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân 
Wei Jun Chen and Tim Mao Jie experimenting at DTU 
Since signing an agreement in 2011, DTU and SP have initiated several new projects, including lecturer and student exchanges,  course development and others.  
OITP is a CDIO project, transitioning from a conventional classroom environment to proactive, hands-on learning. Students experience a real-time working environment, learn more about the culture and customs of other countries, exchange information and hone their soft skills
The two Singaporean students conducted two research projects, “Investigation of the influence of fireworks displays on water quality, the sediments and mollusks in the Han river” and “Research of the influence of tourism on the Han river water quality”; and created trial production models with meaningful results. 

 Sinh viên Singapore Polytechnic t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Wei Jun Chen and Tim Mao Jie enjoying local food in Hoian
Students visited  the DTU labs, the Son Tra Peninsula, a mushroom farm and cruised the Han River.   
Wei Jun Chen said: “This program was a wonderful experience. I am a Chemical Engineering student and this program has broadened my experience of different study techniques, from the collection of samples to lab testing. I have enjoyed it all and would like to thank all the friendly people  I have met along the way and DTU for this unique opportunity.”

“The 5-week internship was memorable. I learnt many new things and expanded my horizon.  Thank you for the wonderful times we had together and this opportunity to explore a different culture and way of life. It would not have been possible without DTU. I have greatly benefited from the program and looked forward to further collaborations with DTU.”, Tim Mao Jie added.  
DTU has welcomed many Singapore Polytechnic OITP delegates. In 2013, the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering students and SP jointly conducted several OITP projects, including “The Production of Rice Husk and Coconut Paring Concrete” and“ The Production of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil”, and others. 
In 2014, the students continued two similar projects, “The Production of Chitosan from Shrimp Shells” and “The Conversion of Solid Waste into Usable Products”. 
Another two projects were conducted in 2015, “Biodiesel Production from Rubber Seed Oil” and “An Experimental Study on the Production of Biogas from Organic Waste.”

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