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DTU Receives a Prime Minister’s Emulation Banner at the 2018-2019 Opening Ceremony

On September 16, DTU held the 2018-2019 opening ceremony and welcomed the new K24 students. At the same time, the University was also awarded the Prime Minister’s Emulation Banner and a Vietnamese flag that flew at Pearson Reef in the Spratly Islands from soldiers there.

Mr. Dang Viet Dung, City Party Standing Committee member and Danang People’s Committee Standing Vice- Chairman; Mr. Ho Quy Duc, City Emulation and Commendation Committee Deputy Director; Colonel Vo Hung Lam, 83th Navy Engineering Brigade Political Commissar; Mr. Brett Burton, General Director of the Laguna Lang Co Hue Resort; Hero of Labor Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Party Secretary; DTU Provost Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU lecturers and students attended.

 Ð?i h?c Duy Tân dón nh?n C? Thi dua c?a Th? tu?ng Chính ph? trong L? Khai gi?ng Nam h?c m?i 2018 - 2019 
Dr.  Le Nguyen Bao receives the Emulation Banner

“This year we have received applications from students with exceptionally high graduation marks,” said Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, “with a highest-score of 27 points, exceeding many other local universities. This highlights DTU’s increasingly high reputation and educational and entry standards. In times of international integration, university graduates should not only be highly educated and but also possess extra skills, to fully prepare themselves for their future careers. In order to achieve this, DTU has created an ideal dynamic and modern study environment, allowing graduates to find good jobs and meanwhile compete and win in national and international contests, such as the CDIO and Go Green in the City competitions. The university has also introduced start-up events, where students can come up with innovative ideas, run a business and mature. If you concentrate on studying and gaining experience at university, soon after you may be quickly promoted and ultimately reach the highest levels in your companies.”

Mr. Dang Viet Dung presented the Prime Minister’s Emulation Banner, in recognition of DTU’s outstanding accomplishments in 2016-2017. DTU Youth Union also received a Vietnamese flag from the faraway Pearson Reef, part of the Spratly Islands, encouraging the proud attendees to continue focusing on programs aimed to unite them in protecting the Vietnamese sovereignty of its ocean and islands. Events had already been held to raise 100 million vnd for soldiers stationed there, together with sending mobile text messages of support to the fishermen families in those areas, accompanied by musical performances of traditional Vietnamese seafaring songs. 

Ð?i h?c Duy Tân dón nh?n C? Thi dua c?a Th? tu?ng Chính ph? trong L? Khai gi?ng Nam h?c m?i 2018 - 2019 
Mr. Mai Xuan Binh receives the Vietnamese Flag from Pearson Reef, in the Spratly Islands

At the ceremony, DTU also awarded Certificates of Merit and other prizes to the top sixteen highest-scoring applicants. Prizes were also presented to winners of the 2018 CDIO Academy contest in Japan, to the 2018 Go Green in the City contestants and to students with strong participation in communal activities. Full scholarships totaling 490 million vnd were awarded to the top seven new students entering the On-Site Study-Abroad program, in partnership with Keuka College and Troy University. 

After the ceremony, the lively DTU students welcomed the K24 newcomers with colorful, artistic activities, such as Flashmob, team-building, a fashion show, face-painting and dancing. The new students were then ble to visit booths to meet the faculty and play tug-of-war and rope-skipping games. The whole day left the new students with unforgettable first impressions of DTU.

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