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Launch of the Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems Journal

On August 25, DTU launched the Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems Journal, published jointly by the European Alliance for Innovation and DTU.

 Ra m?t T?p chí M?ng Công nghi?p và H? th?ng Thông minh
An issue of the Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems Journal 
The journal will focus on the design, analysis and deployment of information systems and smart industrial networks. The research topics covered in the journal will relate to the development of technologies essential for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Vietnam.

 Ra m?t T?p chí M?ng Công nghi?p và H? th?ng Thông minh 
Topics covered in the journal include:

- Wireless sensor networks applications and body area networks in large-scale industrial applications.
- Social networks applications, big data, large-scale ubiquitous computing, mobile computing and cloud computing in various industrial and service networks.
- Information analysis and factory control networks, including real-time networks and their security, scalability, reliability and stability.
- Design and selection of network protocols and algorithms for various practical applications.
- Industrial opportunistic network systems, including wastewater treatment systems, underwater robots, surface and underwater data servers.
- Industrial intelligent systems applications, such as collaborative quality control, optimization, decision support, supply chains, value chains, virtual organization and society and risk and crisis management systems.
- Analysis and design of real-time embedded systems, including real-time calculations, real-time operating systems, real-time information transmission and embedded system technologies with network connectivity.
- Advanced control techniques in process control, equipment, monitoring and adaptation. 
- Automated production systems, analysis and modeling, scheduling and loading.
- Intelligent computing in automation, evolutionary algorithms, vagueness, artificial intelligence and machine learning. 
- Hardware and software design of intelligent systems.
- Simulation and testing of industrial networks and intelligent systems.
- Applications for smart cities, smart industrial parks, eHealth and intelligent traffic.
- Multimedia applications, identification methods, content and knowledge management.

Professor Trung Q. Duong of Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, Editor, Deputy Editor and Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost.

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