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A “New topics on developing new materials” Seminar

On January 24th, Professor Masayuki Nogami from the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan, made a presentation on “New topics for developing new materials” at DTU. Attendees included Professor Vu Xuan Quang, DTU Vice-Provost and Director of DTU Institute for Research and Development; researchers from the DTU Center for Material science and Physics and Chemistry lecturers. 
Professor Masayuki Nogami

Professor Nogami said that glass has a high purity level and can be produced in many different ways. Due to scientific and technological advances, nanomaterial production research is attracting much interest and is beginning to play an active role in the development of new materials. Professor Nogami talked about the way the properties of nano-glass change under different conditions, when it is metallized, crystallized, under radiation or heated in hydrogen.
DTU researchers and Professor Nogami
This was not the first time that Professor Nogami had come to DTU to present his research, he has known Professor Quang for 14 years. “DTU has been conducting research into nanomaterial production and had much success. With the continuing support of Professor Nogami, the DTU Center for Material Science will develop new research projects in the near future”, said Professor Quang.  

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