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DTU Researcher Publishes in Journal with High Impact Factor Score

On August 9, the journal of Advanced Energy Materials published a paper co-authored by Dr. Le Hoang Sinh, Vice-Director of the DTU Institute for Research and Development, and colleagues from South Korea.
The paper was entitled: “Large-Scale Conductive Yarns for High-Performance Super-Capacitor Applications, Made with Twistable Korean Traditional Paper (Hanji)”, ranked 4th out of 1,212 entries in field of Energy and 10th out of 1,779 in Materials Science. An SCI/ISI impact factor of 21.875 placed it in the first quartile.
 TS Lê Hoàng Sinh hi?n dang nghiên c?u ?ng d?ng trong linh v?c Hóa V?t li?u t?i ÐH Duy Tân
Dr. Le Hoang Sinh researching Materials Chemistry at DTU
Dr. Le Hoang Sinh and his colleagues came up with the idea of developing a soft material, combining ease of use and high efficiency. They all had years of experience conducting research in Materials Chemistry and recognized the increasing demand for compact but highly functional smart devices, with bigger screens, faster processors and increased functionality. Super-capacitors have several advantages over rechargeable batteries, including: 
- Rapid charging
- Fast energy discharge
- High durability, with charge and discharge speeds one hundred to a thousand times faster than batteries.
With a broad knowledge of materials, Dr. Le Hoang Sinh’s group created fiber super-capacitors made from traditional Korean paper. These can be sewn into clothing to completely replace bulky, hard materials, such as mobile devices, which block air flow and cause perspiration. Their specialty fits the need for compact, convenient and efficient smart devices in the rapidly expanding fields of Materials Science and IT.
Công b? qu?c t? trên T?p chí Advanced Energy Materials v?i IF = 21.875 c?a TS Lê Hoàng Sinh và d?ng nghi?p 
The international publication of Dr. Le Hoang Sinh and his colleagues
Their paper was quickly accepted for publication because of its innovative and practical concept and its simple, efficient, large-scale production process. The journal only approves papers related to materials for use in all modes of energy production, conversion and storage. Impact factors have been increasing yearly, from 15 in 2016, to 20 in 2018. The Advanced Energy Materials journal is regarded as one of the best for information on energy resources.
In addition to this research on fiber super-capacitors, Dr. Le Hoang Sinh is also successfully working on the manufacture of a second product, made from traditional Vietnamese paper, as a practical, valuable alternative. 
Dr. Le Hoang Sinh is conducting his research at DTU, his ideal work environment, after graduating with a PhD from Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea in 2013. He then studied as a post-doctoral researcher at Aalto University in Finland. 
Dr. Le Hoang Sinh has so far published 31 ISI papers, with 339 citations and an H index of 9, mostly in journals with high impact factors, including the journal of Advanced Energy Materials (IF 21.875), Advanced Healthcare Materials (IF 5.79), the Journal of Power Sources (IF 6.947), the Chemistry-A European Journal (IF 5.160) and Nanotechnology (IF 3.404).
“During my research in South Korea and Finland, I acquired professional skills, a sense of responsibility and a passion for research, which I’m bringing back to DTU to help adapt   the educational environment here”, explained Dr. Le Hoang Sinh. “DTU has always supported us well with modern facilities which we can use can develop our applied research. After two years of publishing several international papers, especially in the journal of Advanced Energy Materials, I am encouraged to continue to focus on my passion for research. There are now many skilled Vietnamese scientists, as seen by the many high-quality publications and major awards. A continuing professional work environment and advanced  support policies will guarantee their future success.”
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