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Seminar on Damage Modeling and Computation in Structures and Materials

On February 8, the DTU Faculty of Construction organized the seminar “Damage Modeling and Computation in Structures and Materials”. Associate Professor Bui Quoc Tinh from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and DTU staff, lecturers, and students attended.
Associate Professor Bui Quoc Tinh overviewed research at the Hirose & Bui Laboratory in the Department of Environmental Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he specializes in the material mechanics and structures  and the bending of concrete and multilayer materials.
  Seminar Mô hình hóa, Tính toán Hu h?ng c?a K?t c?u và V?t li?u t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Assoc.Prof. Dr Bui Quoc Tinh
“In construction, machine manufacturing, and transportation, the computation of construction designs and machine components play a vital role, using various materials, such as steel, cast iron, and concrete,” Assoc.Prof. Dr Bui Quoc Tinh explained. “Our research ensures the most durable structures without the possibility of failure.”
Damage and fissures in materials are caused by many factors, including temperature, humidity, their structure, and so on. Many theoretical models and other computational techniques have been proposed, researched, and developed, aimed at accurately describing the characteristics of materials and their ability to adapt to different effects. Associate Professor Tinh described structural analysis models which study material deformation in the elastic and post-elastic stages and compute damage. He discussed effective techniques  in scattered and the disconnected fissure modeling of  cracks.
Lecturers and students learned much about material durability and structural mechanics and the latest research directions.
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