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Agreement with Seirei Social Welfare Community from Japan

On June 5th, DTU and the Seirei Social Welfare Community from Japan signed an agreement. Attendees included Mr. Yamamoto Toshihiro - Chairman of the Seirei Social Welfare Community, Ms. Yuko Kamata and Mr. Makoto Yamamoto from Human Resources Department of the Seirei Social Welfare Community, Mr. Nguyen Van An - Deputy Director of the  Danang Department of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, Mr. Tran Chi Cuong -  Deputy Director of the Danang Department of Tourism,  Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co - DTU President and Provost, DTU Board of Provosts and Trustees and DTU lecturers and students. 
Mr. Toshihiro Yamamoto

The Seirei Social Welfare Community was officially founded in 1930 by a group of young people who wanted to help tuberculosis patients, and went on to become the biggest social welfare organization in Japan, with 145 divisions in Tokyo and eight other cities and provinces. Their headquarters are located in Hamamatsu, in Shizuoka prefecture, near the center of Japan’s main island. With about 9,000 full-time employees, Seirei provides high-quality services in four areas: health, nursing, welfare and care. 
Representatives of the Seirei Social Welfare Community from Japan and DTU signed the agreement

In December 2016, a team from Seirei visited DTU and met and exchanged ideas with the Board and with lecturers and students of Nursing. The Seirei Social Welfare Community and DTU agreed to collaborate on research, a Japanese language teacher exchange program, joint training, and on-the-job trainee exchanges. Other programs will be developed according to need.

 “Our elderly population is now increasing rapidly.” said Mr. Toshihiro. “A large number of Philippine nurses have recently come to work in Japan, but the demand for more is still very high. With this agreement, I want to stress that, as the leading Japanese organization in nursing, health care, and social welfare, we very much want to work with DTU to train highly qualified candidates to come  to Japan to work. With a Certificate provided by Seirei Social Welfare Community, nurses can work in Japan and then return to Vietnam, or go to other countries around the world.”

Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co said: “During these times of development and integration, DTU is teaming up with foreign institutions and organizations to create many new projects, including training programs for students of Health sciences and Nurses in particular. We send nurses to Japan and Germany on internships and lecturers to Taiwan to study for their Masters or PhD degrees. This agreement will provide the Nursing interns with even more opportunities to develop their skills and careers in Japan. I hope that the relationship between our two nations, the Seirei Community and DTU will be long-term, forged in friendship and mutual support.”

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