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Green Materials in Architecture and Construction Seminar

On March 21st, DTU and the Nitto Denko Corporation from Japan held a “Green Materials in Architecture and Construction” seminar. Representatives of Nitto Denko, local companies, the DTU Board of Provosts, lecturers and students of the DTU Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and the International School attended.
Mr. Yoshikawa Masato presents flowers to Dr. Nguyen Tan Thang, DTU Vice-Provost

The architecture and construction of solid and long-lasting buildings involves a wide variety of materials. In addition to meeting functionality, durability, and flexibility requirements, construction materials allow architects and constructors to work together to design unique and attractive buildings which satisfy the occupant’s work and living requirements. However, many traditional materials, still used today, do not fully meet requirements such as durability, color, and sound and heat insulation. To solve this, new materials now allow architects to design buildings that withstand environmental and meteorological changes and, at the same time, satisfy people’s ever-increasing esthetic requirements.
Mr. Hayashi Masaya from Nitto Denko introduces new products  
General Director Yoshikawa Masato overviewed the Nitto Denko Corporation. Founded in 1918, the company now has over 100 branch offices worldwide and manufactures electrical insulation materials. In Vietnam, Nitto Denko is located in Binh Duong province under the name of Nitto Denko Tape Mate Vietnam, with 115 staff. The company is now looking for more employees in Vietnam, which should offer extra opportunities for DTU students of Architecture and Civil Engineering.  

Ms. Vuong Thi Thom, a Salesperson at Nitto Denko, and Mr. Hayashi Masaya presented many products made by the company, including anticorrosion tapes, double-coated adhesive tape, water-proofing materials and so on. Products made by Nitto Denko are environmentally friendly, which is very important in communities. The seminar gave students of Architecture and Civil Engineering a better understanding of the industry, useful in  their studies and career planning.
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