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Preliminary Inspection in the External Evaluation of DTU

On November 29th, the External Evaluation team of experts from the Ministry of Education and Training held a working session and preliminary inspection at DTU. The inspection was attended by Associate Professor Tran Thi Ha, Head of the External Evaluation Delegation; Associate Professor Nguyen Phuong Nga, Director of the Educational Quality Accreditation Center; Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost; the staff and lecturers members of the DTU Self-Assessment Board and the leaders of the university faculties.

Associate Professor Nga addresses the session

Associate Professor Nga said: “DTU is the first private university to be selected for inspection and evaluation in this session. The team will base their findings on the self-assessment dossiers and the evidence that DTU has submitted for evaluation, based on the 10 standards and 61 criteria set by the MOET. The objective of the evaluation and the quality assessment is to identify, together with the university, which strengths should be exploited and which weaknesses should be overcome. We hope that the university’s leadership, staff and lecturers will actively support our team, that the evaluation will take place on schedule, and that our discussions will lead to even stronger educational development at DTU.”

Associate Professors Ha and Nga with Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co

Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice-Provost, introduced the DTU Self-Assessment Board, which consists of 19 members, of which 18 are from the Board of Provosts, Faculty Deans, Heads of Bureaus, Departments and Centers, plus one student representative. DTU paid close attention to standards and criteria in the preparation of the Self-Assessment dossier.

The External Evaluation team then commented on the dossier. They reported that the dossier was in accordance with its regulations, that the writing was coherent, the evidence clear and the details specific. However, the team also advised DTU to improve certain items, in time for the next inspection on December 27th, with details of further evidence required, a list of university facilities, full and detailed information on international publications, certified by the university, a list of people they need to interview, further evidence required and so on.

Associate Professors Ha and Nga and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co signed the minutes of the preliminary inspection. The first inspection took place in 2009, and this was the second time that DTU was honored to be inspected and evaluated. With its specific and long-range plans to improve education and research at the university, together with its recognized contributions to the community, DTU will certainly be able to meet the quality requirements set by the Ministry of Education and Training.

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