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Enrolment in DTU eUniversity Bachelor’s Degree Program

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree is an important way to guarantee a good job in the future but, because of financial difficulties and limited time, many people must forgo higher education.  DTU is aware of this and continues to expand enrollment in e-Learning programs in 2016 to allow prospective students nationwide to learn more and improve their required professional skills.
Diverse courses for students to choose 
The diverse DTU eUniversity programs are available in several disciplines and levels to meet the increasing study demand for students of Business Administration, Accountancy, Finance and Banking, Information Technology, Civil and Industrial Construction, English and Economic Law. Based on the current qualification of the candidate, such as a High School Certificate, a Higher Vocational Diploma or a Bachelor’s degree, DTU will tailor individual training courses lasting from one and a half to four years. Graduates will then be able to enroll in postgraduate programs if necessary. Students can contact their lecturers by phone or through the study website and get responses within 24 hours.  

eUniversity: H?c Tr?c tuy?n l?y b?ng Ð?i h?c ? Vi?t Nam

eUniversity: H?c Tr?c tuy?n l?y b?ng Ð?i h?c ? Vi?t Nam

Students can contact their lecturers by phone or through the study website
DTU has already enrolled 3,000 students into 21 e-Learning programs. The university has graduated 400 highly-trained students into the local workforce and signed agreements with several educational institutions nationwide to jointly develop its eUniversity programs, including the HCMC University of Culture, the Hanoi International Technology and Economics Secondary School, the Further Education Center of Rach Gia, the Ca Mau Economics and Engineering Vocational School, the An Giang Vocational College and the Tay Ninh Economics and Engineering Vocational School, in order to respond to the varied study needs of people in each location.
Modern advanced training methods 
Students of eLearning courses normally study online and DTU has developed rich and varied study materials, combining printed documentation (syllabi) and sound recordings and films of lectures. Web-based virtual classrooms create an environment where lecturers and students can interact anytime, anywhere. In addition, the DTU 3D Second Life virtual reality game allows students to organize realistic activities, discussions and exercises online. Students will feel connected to other real people throughout the course.
One of the strongest advantages of online study is that students can choose their own study times. The study credit application built into the program allows students to stretch or shorten study times according to their personal capabilities and objectives. Students can register for as many courses as they want, given the right qualifications and skills.
Enrolment in DTU eUniversity programs is available throughout the year. In 2016, the courses begin in February, April, June, August, October and December. Submit application forms to DTU eUniversity offices across the country and for further information please review our leaflets, visit our website or come to the DTU eLearning and Second Degree Center at 254, Nguyen Van Linh street, Thanh Khe district, Danang. 
Phone number: (0511) 3.650.403, extensions: 102/108/109)
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