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The Opening of the First X21 e-Learning Course

On March 22nd, DTU held the opening of the first X21 e-learning course, attended by Associate Professor Le Duc Toan, DTU Vice-Provost, lecturers, staff and X21 students.
L? Khai gi?ng C? nhân Ð?i h?c Tr?c tuy?n DTU X21 d?t 1
Mr. Ho Ha Dong addresses the meeting
Associate Professor Toan advised students to study diligently and persevere to successfully complete the course. He said: “A strong foundation of knowledge, combined with professional skills are critical, regardless of what you do or where you are. So you should all work hard to achieve the highest possible results before graduation. After that, effectively putting into practice what you learned at university will help you in your lives, improve your career prospects and ultimately contribute to the development of our country.”

Mr. Ho Ha Dong, Deputy Director of the e-University Center, welcomed 93 students to the X21 course, including 43 Business Administration students, 19 from Accounting, 14 from IT and17 from Civil Engineering. Staff of the e-University Center provided details on the course and how to use the e-learning system most effectively.
L? Khai gi?ng C? nhân Ð?i h?c Tr?c tuy?n DTU X21 d?t 1
 Associate Professor Toan distributes course materials to X21 students  

The high quality of the DTU e-Learning courses has allowed an increasing number of students to work to expand the pool of well-qualified professionals in Central Vietnam and elsewhere.

Le Thi Tu Hieu, a DTU Accounting student said: “I have already enrolled in an Information Technology course at DTU and am impressed by the quality of education at the university. I hope to broaden my knowledge and skills to help me in my current job. This new, flexible and advanced education system enables workers who have full-time jobs to personalize their schedules and study at the most convenient times of the day or night.”

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