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DTU Opens Faculty Management Retraining Course

On June 22nd, Duy Tan University and the Institute of Education Management from Ho Chi Minh City opened the Faculty Management Retraining Course. Attendees included Associate Professor Nguyen Xuan Te, Provost of the Institute of Education Management in Ho Chi Minh City; Mr. Nguyen Nhat Chuong, Vice-Director of the DTU Center for Training and Professional Development, with DTU Faculty and Heads of Specialization.

Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Xuan Te speaks

"As we reconstitute Vietnam, the Party and State have issued a resolution to fundamentally and comprehensively renovate education", explained Associate Professor Te. “The renovation of tertiary education deserves special attention, as this is the stage where the quality of students is determined, where talent is nurtured before joining the workforce. Among the key issues are the overhaul and improvement of the expertise of our managers. I know that DTU management will study diligently to develop their personal capabilities and contribute to the training of a high-quality workforce to meet current demands.”

DTU Faculty and Heads of Specialization

The DTU Faculty Management Retraining Course took place from June 22nd to 29th. The Faculty and Heads of Specialization Heads at the university gained advanced knowledge and skills in Management Science and Education Management, University and College Development Planning, Science and Technology Management in Universities and Colleges, Student Study and Training Result Assessment Management, and so on. These topics are aimed to provide them with a vision on strategic development, and enable them to select the model and style of management most suited to their assignments in their specific departments.

For many years, DTU has been organizing retraining programs to improve the expertise and special skills of staff and lecturers. As a result of this work, DTU now employs a highly-qualified, cohesive and experienced team to develop their careers in harmony with the university.

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