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P2A and A Journey to ASEAN Integration

The united ASEAN community to be founded in 2015 has become a significant turning-point, marking the comprehensive regional economic integration. AEC will provide a good opportunity for Vietnam to strongly expand its market with lower input costs and more investment opportunities. As the only Vietnamese institution to join and participate in P2A, DTU has reached a significant milestone in its contribution to the ASEAN community.
Students of DTU and P2A IBI Darmajaya (Indonesia)

The P2A program was founded by Rangsit University in Thailand, in conjunction with Norton University in Cambodia, the National University of Laos, the Myanmar Computer Institute and Duy Tan University. P2A is now developing a network of ASEAN universities and research institutes, which will help to produce qualified, skilled and knowledgeable workers. By joining P2A, ASEAN students will enjoy the benefits of an excellent, affordable educational experience. Students will get to appreciate different cultures and respect the similarities and differences between countries. Students will be provided with skills in areas such as environmental protection, the preservation of cultural heritage and recognizing the independence, sovereignty, equality and national identities of their partners. They will respect the languages and religions of ASEAN and appreciate their common values in the spirit of unity in diversity.
Students of DTU & P2A Rangsit (Thailand)

By visiting http://www.p2a.asia, students will have the chance to take part in several activities, so as to learn about the cultures of the ten ASEAN countries. They will be able to “travel” to these beautiful countries to enjoy a real life experience, participate in intelligent games or immerse themselves in a 3D world of discovery.DTU has supported the page with ASEAN Games running on iOS and Android phones.
As part of the program, DTU has welcomed P2A students from Rangsit University in Thailand and IBI Darmajaya in Indonesia. The exchange meeting helped tighten the friendship between DTU and P2A students and helped to better understand about the cultures of the countries.

Phan Anh Huy, a student of the DTU Faculty of Business Administration, said: “We have an opportunity to know more about the culture and education of Thailand through the exchange meeting. As I study Business Administration, I find the topic very interesting and useful for me to make a better business plan after graduation. We expect DTU to hold many more activities like this program so that we can exchange ideas and make many more great friends.”

Handi, a student of P2A IBI Darmajaya, expressed: “We are so delighted to meet DTU students, who are dynamic, enthusiastic and friendly. Through the meeting, I learnt more about Vietnamese people and culture. We hope to see DTU students again.”

Besides the P2A program, DTU has made great progress in international collaboration with ASEAN universities, participating in Learning Express, organizing “immersion” programs and so on to develop young talents in both national and international competitions.

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