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DTU students enter Top 10 in 2014 WhiteHat Grand Prix contest

Organized through the WhiteHat.vn forum on 19th and 20th September 2014, the WhiteHat Grand Prix 2014 attracted the participation of 100 teams from businesses and strong universities in Information Technology from the entire country. The ISIT-DTU team made it into the top 10 of strongest teams from South Vietnam.

The ISIT-DTU team made it into the top 10 of the WhiteHat Grand Prix 2014 contest
To promote education in Information Security, the Prime Minister approved the project “Training and developing human resources in information safety and security 2020”. With this project, universities, agencies and businesses performed positive action to boost training, and organized contests to strongly promote studying and researching cybersecurity and to help improving national cybersecurity human resources. The WhiteHat Grand Prix 2014 is a large contest, attracting the participation of students and of people interested in Information Technology and working in cybersecurity for agencies and businesses.
The contest consists of two parts corresponding to North and South Vietnam. The ISIT-DTU team took part in the South Vietnam section. After two days, the ISIT-DTU team entered top 10 of South Vietnam. Tran Nhu Minh, student of class K17TMT of Information Technology and member of the ISIT-DTU team, said: “Information security is becoming a global issue, with huge influence on national information security networks. This contest significantly helps us better understand the importance of the field we are pursuing and studying, and it also helps Information Technology students to perfect and update their knowledge, practice their programming skills and research mentality. We participate in many CTF contests nationally and internationally to improve ourselves, and we have been carefully preparing for the upcoming ‘Students and National Information Security 2014’ contest.”
Mr Nguyen Kim Tuan, Head of Subject of Network Engineering of the DTU Faculty of Information Technology, said: “Apart from creating a well-oriented curriculum based on the current requirements of specialists in Information Technology, DTU also supports students participating in many Information Security contests, such that they can put theory in practice and have opportunities to gain better understanding and experience through these big games. Not only spreading the passion for learning and researching Information Security among students, the DTU also helps students to acquire a thorough understanding of information security and to have a sense of responsibility about national information security issues already before they will start working in the future.”
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