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DTU Discovers a Way of Exterminating Convolvulus in the Cu Lao Cham

After two years of research DTU has found the method to kill Convolvulus. On August 5th, the DTU Faculty of Pharmacy met with leaders and representatives of the Hoi An People’s Committee to discuss this issue.

Dr. Nguyen Nhan Duc delivered his report  
Dr. Nguyen Nhan Duc, Dean of the DTU Faculty of Pharmacy talked about the harmful effects of the Convolvulus on the balance of the ecosystem in Cu Lao Cham and biological conservation practices there. Previously there were many ways of getting rid of Convolvulus, such as cutting the foot of the tree and burning and spraying it with chemicals. However, that could not prevent the natural growth of Convolvulus and negatively affected the local environment and people’s health. After two years of research on the plant’s structure and growth, tests were carried out on the Son Tra Peninsula in Danang.  Finally, the DTU research team from the Faculty of Pharmacy has successfully found a special chemical and a method of injecting it directly into the Convolvulus in which will exterminate it completely.

Dr. Nguyen Nhan Duc said: “The method of injecting the chemical to exterminate the Convolvulus has a lot of strengths. It does not harm the environment or people’s health, it’s extensive, economical and saves time and labor. In addition, the dead, decaying Convolvulus will be turned into fertilizer to feed other plants. The DTU Faculty of Pharmacy will shortly transfer this technology to Hoi An and continue to work with them to rid the Cu Lao Cham Biosphere Reserve of Convolvulus.”
 Staff from DTU inject Convolvulus in the forest of Cu Lao Cham
Previously, in the 2014 Green Summer Campaign, DTU staff, lecturers and students had injected chemicals directly into the Convolvulus in parts of the special-use forest in Cu Lao Cham. In just one month, about two hectares Convolvulus were destroyed.

Mr. Kieu Cu, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Hoi An People’s Committee said: “Hoi An will quickly measure the extent of Convolvulus in Cu Lao Cham and develop a plan to exterminate it. The destruction of Convolvulus will bring many benefits to Cu Lao Cham and its people. It will protect the ecosystem and the water in Cu Lao Cham and farmers will have a chance to grow more vegetables and valuable medicinal plants. We want to thank DTU Faculty of Pharmacy for helping Hoi An find a way to exterminate the Convolvulus.”

This method of killing Convolvulus is recognized as the newest and most innovative worldwide. This is a major breakthrough in the valuable research being currently conducted at Duy Tan University.

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